Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is a bowl of uncooked rice.

And in it is my brand new Blackberry Pearl. Thursday may have been one of the worst life-sucks kind of days I have ever had. I mean that in a 'no one died, everyone is healthy, but everything that could go wrong otherwise...did' kind of a way. In this case, Henry snuck off with my phone and decided that it would make a great toy in his water table. So there my phone sits in a bowl of uncooked rice trying to draw as much moisture as possible out of it. Luckily, it worked, and my phone is fully functioning. Phew.

Hey look! It's a bottom mount fridge!!!! NOT. The $35 part fixed the fridge. For two weeks. It's dead again. Apparently the $400 part followed suit shortly thereafter (same day as the phone water toy saga). So, we went to Sears and ordered a new one. Unfortunately it won't be here until next Monday (where is it coming from??? Cambodia???!!!) We bought a super cheap dorm fridge at WalMart to hold us over. Ice chests for a week and a half just seemed a bit too painful. Everything is wet and soggy and makes a mess in the kitchen and has to be constantly re-filled and drained. I have enough on my plate to deal with thank you very much. (The bottom one is a freezer we keep in the garage and already owned. Thankfully.)

Lots more went wrong on Thursday, but I'll spare you the details. But let's put it this way: I just couldn't get a break. NOTHING went right. EVERYTHING went wrong. ANyTHING that could break or malfunction did. I was so overwhelmed I actually called Andy and asked if he could come home early just for some moral support. I have NEVER done that. Sadly, he couldn't because of workload, but hey, I tried.


joy said...

oh, jeannett. i'm so sorry! sounds like you had a rough, rough day. i saw you in passing on sunday and you looked really good! hope it's a better week.

Jacquelyn said...

My sympathies! When my nice new phone decided to go for a swim (there were children involved) it never recovered so I had to deal with an old crappy phone that didn't work very well for an entire year - no new phone in the budget. I never thought of putting it in rice!!!!! Sorry things are tough, maybe you need to channel your inner hippie, go away somewhere and chill for a few days! Sorry things were rough, hope you have a happy Monday!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Go away for a few mommies get to do that? Nah, didn't think so. :)

Joanie said...

So bummed for you.
Should I also add a belated Happy Birthday?