Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh yeah...

...AND to add insult to injury, Andy's ATM card number was stolen and used for a variety of online porn sites! Luckily, the bank caught it, froze our account and we aren't being charged. But some of the phone calls were pretty entertaining:

Bank: Okay sir, we have a $24.95 charge for an

Andy: No, never heard of it.

Bank: Are you sure?

Andy: Yeah.

Bank: Um, sir, we deal with them a lot...they're a billing service for lots of websites...

Andy: No, I don't do anything besides paypal.

Bank: Um, well, um, they usually bill for online porn...are you sure it isn't yours?

Andy: (laughing) Yeah, 100% positive.

Bank: Oh okay. I'm sorry about that. It's just that a lot of people think it's not their charge until we explain what it might be and then they backtrack. So I had to double check.

Andy: That's fine. I understand, but it's definately not mine.


Andy: Um, you have something to tell me...?

Very funny dear. Very funny.


Rachel Slagle said...

that sucks! at least your bank is dealing with things and fixing the issue.

Jacquelyn said...

Too funny! ( I mean that in the most compassionate way possible)

joy said...

love the barn pics of little hen.
so sorry about the fridge! that is such a bummer.
ha ha about the online porn! i mean sorry about the atm/bank part, but the other stuff is funny. when i had a money-paying job, i had to make a lot of phone calls. i had some phone numbers memorized, so i thought. i dialed a client only to realize that it was a phone sex number. wonder how that showed up on the phone bill!