Thursday, October 2, 2008


As soon as I published that last post, I felt guilty for having such a bad attitude...especially considering that if that were Henry, I would have totally scolded him. So, to try and make up for it, I took a few random pictures that actually made me feel better (although sitting and having a coffee while being rude to strangers still sounds kinda fun)...

Henry's first harvest. The kids at daycare tend to a little vegetable garden. These were the treasures waiting for me. I'm not sure how much Henry helped, but it's still cute.

Arts & Crafts Days are always fun's kinda neat to get all that goofy kid stuff even before they start school! Christine says that Henry always acts so grown up when they do little projects...he gets all serious and thinks he's a big kid like the others.

I cannot believe how well my garden is growing. I go out there almost daily to pick any rogue weeds and to cut the beautiful roses that just keep blooming and blooming. I'm pretty proud of this black thumb...who knows, it might even be turning the slightest tinge of green!

Here's the yard back in May...just dirt and weeds.

A picture of the plants just after going into the ground. This was June 22nd.

Henry's birthday party on June 28th...note the size of the "trees" in the background behind us.

And today...October 2nd...


Carrie Haughey said...

the garden's looking great! Maybe Hen's gardening skills at daycare are rubbing off??

*aron* said...

your yard is looking so awesome!!!

way to turn the attitude around :) sometimes i just have to sit and focus on something good to get me out of a funk.