Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yay for friends and lakes!!!

Haven't blogged in a bit...we've been "busy". Not in a bad way, but a good way. This post might almost seem like a repeat, but, it isn't! We've just been spending most of our free time getting together with friends and going to the lake and camping!

We met up with the Erdman's for a BBQ and playtime at Waller Park on Saturday on Labor Day Weekend.

Then on Labor Day (Monday) the Erdman's met up with us at Lopez Lake for an afternoon of tubing and skipping rocks.

And then this weekend, we went on the annual Grace Church Campout...over 200 people camping together at Lake San Antonio.

It was HOT. 108 degrees. And for the record, tent camping in the heat with a rambunctious toddler is a lot of work. I won't say I had "fun", but I know Henry had a blast...and I have a feeling that lots of this whole parenting thing is going to be more for the kids than for the parents! :)


Jacquelyn said...

You are so right! camping is almost 100% about the kids. I hope you were able to squeeze in some fellowship, fun and s'mores. I know that my kids' excitement is enough to make me do it again and in a few years they won't be as excited about the frogs, the potential of catching fish and being hot, bug bitten and sunburned. A couple of smiles, a couple of cute pictures and it is all worth it! Amen?

Rachel Slagle said...

wow that's hot! i camped one time in 120 degree weather and told jason that i would never camp again :) looks like a fun time.