Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grandma Alert: Word Count

* Daddy!!! (always at a high pitch and always yelling)

*Mom (not mommy, not mama, just...mom...sigh...)

*Tuck (truck)

*Si (Outside)

*Yeah (has replaced yesh)

*Phone! (said anytime a phone rings)

*Bee (Abbie)

*Lee (Ryley...although I'm not positive he can tell the two dogs apart...he just repeats after me)



*Uck (as in "Henry that is yuck-yuck! No eating dirt!)

*More (disclaimer: I've never heard this one, but his daycare says he says it all the time)

So, that's 12 words so far. They seem to come in cycles...sometimes he'll use a word for a few days and then won't say it again for a while. But the kid babbles in his own little kling-on language all day long...these are just the ones I understand! :)


Rachel Slagle said...

i hated when dillon went through the phase of calling me mom. although, it was slightly better than when he calls me rachel.

Mike and Rachel said...

Mama and mommy are coming, just refer to yourself with the one you want and he will eventually give in. My 3 year old calls me mommy, but recently it is mom when she is getting my attention and mama when she is loving on me. Language is fun!!!

Brianna Heldt said...

Oh I remember the first time Anna called me "mom." I felt so sad and so...old! But she usually calls me "Mama" or "Mommy". Thank goodness! :)

Henry is saying so much! That is great. He is just too cute!!!

joy said...

henry is quite the talker! perhaps the mom thing is a phase and he'll call you mommy more regularly. just keep on referring to yourself as mommy.

Kristi Koltavary said...

Hi there,
No, you don’t know me. I’m a total blog snooper. Wandered one to your blog from a friend of a friend. Anyhow, I think Henry is quite a cutie. Where ever did you get that great t-shirt that with Reagan on it that Henry is wearing? My little nephew is going to be making his grand arrival soon and I know my sister and bro-in law would love that shirt.
Thanks again!!
Kristi Koltavary