Monday, June 30, 2008

Henry Benry's 1st Party!

For Henry's party, I considered a bunch of themes...safari, construction, monkeys...only to realize that I didn't want to "waste" a fun theme that he would really enjoy in a couple of years. So, I did a blue and green theme.

centerpieces. the tablecloth was white, so this whole picture is kinda weird.
my kitchen w/ blue and green pom poms.
the bar. at a 1st birthday party.
the patio w/ blue and green paper flowers.
cupcakes w/ felt toppers.

jell-o. sans alcohol. this is a family show. come on.

gifts from grandma cottrell and auntie diana. came in handy with the kiddos! thanks!!!

I was pretty surprised with how well the whole thing went. Henry was awesome the whole time. No melt downs, no mommy cling, no overstimulation screams. He had a blast! I didn't count the people, but my guess is that it was something like 45 people? Lots of friends, tons of family, 8 pizzas, 48 cupcakes, and lots of chips later, we were pooped.

birthday wishes from silas.

playing ball with aunt marcia.


CandB said...

YAY for LG!! Awesome party! I still think you should have had the glow sticks and techno music. Maybe next year will be Henry's first Rave :)

Rachel Slagle said...

looks like you guys had fun! i love the look on henry's face in the picture where he is holding the ball - so cute!

the decorations are way cute, too - love the centerpieces! and, there is nothing wrong with having a bar at a first birthday :)

joy said...

everything looks really cute! how funny we both did the pom-poms--great minds.... sorry we missed it, but sounds like you had plenty of partiers! (is that spelled right?, maybe that's not even a word.)