Monday, April 7, 2008

Going Away. So Sad.

Dear friends of ours are leaving. Moving. Far away. To the other end of the earth. Anna explained to me that they were moving to "Colorado. It snows there. And we will open presents when it snows at Christmas. And we will throw balls of snow at each other."

So, in honor of their departure, and because we are suckers for throwing a party, we thought we would pull together a last minute going away BBQ. Well, if you know us, and you know how we always end up doing things, our small intimate BBQ turned into a full on bash! 59 people to be exact! I guess we just figure that if we're going to bother having chaos, it might as well be BIG. Besides, I think our friends average 3-4 kids per family, so it doesn't take too many invites to end up with a lot of people! It was a lot of fun, and I think everyone had a good time...or at least it seemed like they did? We were up late all week before the party, because we just moved in, remember? Not really great timing for throwing a party, but they're leaving so we couldn't exactly postpone it. So we did our best to get the final boxes unpacked, pictures hung on the walls, garage organized, and all the other odds and ends that somehow linger for months after you move. The good part is that it forced us to buck up and get it done, so now we're really pretty set. Except for the office, that's still a bomb...

We are very sad to see the Heldt's go, although they've been talking about this for as long as we've known them, so it's no surprise. I guess I just thought I'd be able to woo them into staying forever with my wit and charm. Guess I have to keep working on that! :)

Pastor Tim came ALL THE WAY to Santa Maria and was so kind to organize a sweet time of prayer for the Heldts and to bless our new home. Generous considering he was "off duty"...don't you only work on Sundays Tim? Wonder if he can claim it as overtime...?
The kitchen. That's NINE Costco pizzas. People brought side dishes and desserts. Only a small amount of brownie got onto the carpet. But my kitchen tile looked like someone had been murdered on it. :)
Brianna looking very dramatic (and photogenic I might add!). Along with Dori, Lindsey and Kristen. Aren't those roses gorgeous? Dori got them for me. Love her!
Kate, a newly preggers Ruth, and Julie (isn't her hair great?!) with 5-week old Brady in the Moby wrap. Kate's in the middle of that's 3 more kids in the mix!
Not sure what they are all looking at. Clearly Lindsey isn't impressed with whatever it is. But check out the bright blue hawaiian shirts on the trumpet guys on TV! Chad and Tim got the bright idea to bike back to SLO...that's 30 miles. On a windy day. Took them 3.5 hours. Suckas.
Karenna Talley and Suzannah Hasson. Suzannah had to run and get the "babies" before she was ready to pose! So sweet.
Dori and Lindsey.
Henry's BFF Silas. This picture doesn't do the kid justice. He is TOOO cute!
An impromptu game of Red Rover in the backyard.
The mass exodus...not everyone left at the same time, but lots did. My neighbors probably freaked out!

Good times, but sad to see the Heldts go. We love hosting our friends and it was nice to see that the new house could easily accomodate our big ol' group of pals!


Brianna Heldt said...

--thanks SO MUCH for throwing this wonderful party! we were so blessed!!! (i WON'T thank you however for posting that horrible picture of me!)

--your wit and charm is wonderful...if only you could have charmed raytheon into relocating to santa maria!

--in my opinion you coulda left all the boxes unpacked and laying around, and just said it was part of the moving theme.

--and why no picture of the dragons??? :)

lindsey cheney said...

NO thank you for posting that exceptional picture of me. i mean, it is all about me, right?

great party, lots of fun, you pulled of the craziness without freaking out in your new home - good job!

and tell andy i'm sorry about teasing him and his dragons - starting to feel pretty bad about that one!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Now girls...vanity? Say it isn't so! (notice how there aren't any pics of ME! Ha! My blog and I can do what I want to...!)

Lindsey, don't worry about the dragons...really. He'll be fine.

Kristen Borland said...

it was so fun! thanks for hosting it!

Kristen Borland said...

and i do like the dramatic picture of brianna, hair swaying and all!

Joy said...

looks like a great time and i've heard how great the house looked and that you had painted and completely moved in 8 days. i pointed that out to cade that you had only lived in the 8 days and painted, that it didn't take you 8 years. i got the look.

Jenny Fugler said...

Love seeing all the SLO locals and wishing I was one of them... there is such a baby boom going on! Jeez! My niece is too much like her mom... man oh man!

K said...

Looks like a great party! The house is fabulous - and how very nice of you to do that for your friends. Thank goodness the internet makes it so easy to keep in touch these days eh?

*aron* said...

looks like a funnnnn party!!! so was this also a "housewarming" or are you going to do one of those too??