Sunday, December 2, 2007

I need YOU!

Yes, you. Reading this post. Yup. I don't care if you've never commented, or if you even know who I am in real life. :)

Remember those amazing photos I had taken of Henry? Well, the photographer is holding a Fall Photo Contest! So, that means that YOU need to click the link below and vote for little Hen. I don't care if you think one of the other photos is cuter, you still need to vote for Henry!...but seriously, how could you?!


Voting runs from 6 am Monday to midnight on Friday, December 7th.

Do it!

Please? :)


Peggy said...

Well, looked at the pictures and there is no doubt about it, Henry's is the cutest!

So sorry about your tree :(

We have lots of pictures of Graeme and our dogs too! They are special.

Adriana said...

A late congrats to you and your husband on your new addition. Henry is little a hunk. Don't worry you got my vote. If you still are wondering who I am; does ERNIE ring a bell? :)

Jeannett Gibson said...


What's your email addres???

lindsey cheney said...

henry's pic is the cutest, hands down!

Joy said...

that was easy because henry's picture was the best. seriously!

Diana Fabricio said...

yes so far he has 19!!! go ATT!!!!!! lol

Carrie Haughey said...

"Henry Luke" ;0) is so the cutest one on there, and totally winning!!!

Mary Kay said...

My vote just put him in the lead with 25 votes! Of course, his is the cutest picture on there.

Anonymous said...

You are right- we have never met and I have never commented on your blog- but I voted for Henry!! When I voted, it put him in the lead with 30 votes! I hope he wins!


P.S- I went to HS with Brianna, so I am not some totally random internet weirdo . . . =)

Adriana said...

Hello my dear. During the day you can e-mail me at work or in the evening I prefer you send mail to my work during the day givin I can't check personal e-mail from the office. Talk to you soon. SMOOCHES

Brianna Heldt said...

okay jeannett i tried to vote and the voting must be down or something. i'll try again later. also i just noticed on the sidebar that you are reading that modern day knight is henry a knight yet? what do you think of it? (haven't read it so i think a book report is in order.)

june you crack me up, i love the term "internet weirdo"! (and yes i can verify that june is a very sweet, normal person. :) )

Jeannett Gibson said... missed a key word in my side bar...books I am ATTEMPTING to read...I have a stack of about 10 books on my nightstand...I waffle around between all of them depending on my mood. So far, I think I like it, but maybe I should just commit to one book? If I ever do, I'll submit a book report with properly annotated bibliography.

The Fabys said...

Love that silly little tongue sticking out. Anyway, I tried to vote, but something must be wrong because I can't click on anything! I thought I was "computer savvy."