Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I have a confession to make:

I'm a total dork at heart.

Really. I have proof.

Feast your eyes:

Yes, I have one of those goofy Christmas Villages. Complete with little dorky people and fake snow. It's shameful really.

How can someone as cool as me have such a painfully nerdy display, you ask? I try to blame it on the hysteria, exhaustion and rock bottom prices of a 5 a.m. Black Friday shopping spree that caused me the temporary insanity. After all, it was early, I had stood in line for an hour, and coffee was reeling through my system. Besides, it was all 60% off.

But really, the truth is, that I've always wanted a little lighted village. Ugh, typing that made me cringe. I know, I know. It's really out of character. But there's something about Christmas that brings out the inner dork in me. It's sad. And there is a part of me that believes that kids need some dorkiness in their lives. A christmas village is one of those quintiscential things.

So, for the sake of transparency, and to learn who my real friends are, I felt that I had to come clean about the whole thing. If you want to stop being friends with me, I totally understand.

On another note, today was Henry's first day with solids (rice cereal mixed with breastmilk). I was surprised by how well he did.

Before. A big man in his high chair and bib.

After. Didn't your mother teach you not to eat with your mouth open?! Kids these days...

I feel this way after a big meal too. Not the most flattering photo, but it made me laugh.


Jacquelyn said...

It looks so Canydland! You're doing this for Henry right? When I set up my mom's christmas town I had sheets of nice fluffy snow that it rested on. As stood back to look at what I had arrainged I looked in pride at the little yellow spot I drew on with a highligher next to the dog figurine. She didn't appriciate it. (She would have been even more upset if I had put raisens under the "one horse open sleigh"). No worries, you aren't the only dork out there!

K said...

Too funny! Just blame your newfound decorations on being a MOM :)
Love the high chair pics - I always found rice cereal to make kids sleep SO good because it helps fill up their belly.

Anonymous said...

... so you really think it's just an INNER dorkiness? :)
When I first saw the photo, I thought you had actually decorated real gingerbread houses... THAT would have put you over the edge.

Lara said...

I thought you had made all that with gingerbread and candy too! I can't imagine the time that would take.
I don't know Jeannett, I'm pretty "hip" I don't know if I can be your friend anymore. =) J/K
I hope I get to see it in person!

Rachel said...

the super cool high chair makes up for any over done decorations.

lindsey cheney said...

you're off my "cool friends" list! i don't know if you need to add anything dorky into your kids lives - mine seem to work that out pretty good on their own. we are so often mumbling under our breaths, "dork!". they are so silly, all by themselves. and henry's highchair looks like a race car seat - so cool!

Joy said...

that's a cool high chair. oh and about the christmas village--i'm speechless.

Chamnap said...

Love the nostrils shot! :-)