Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Henry's First Christmas

We hosted the Family Christmas Party this year, which is always held the Saturday before Christmas. 9 people stayed over from Friday to Wednesday, with 4 more coming for Christmas Day. Here is a pictorial of our fun, crazy, chaotic, but awesome time.

Table Decorations.

More table decorations.

Me and the boy (in his Christmas PJ's).

Some of the family. (29 people?)

The tree Christmas morning.
And no, this is not all of the gifts. More were brought in after I took this.

Andy and his stocking. Stockings are a big deal in Andy's took me a few years, but I think I get it now! (Note the famous Village in the background).

This is HENRY'S pile. It seriously took me 45 minutes just to open them all.

Opening the gifts.

These PJ's were Andy's when he was a baby! They say "My First Christmas"...Andy, however, was born in September...Henry in June!

After a bath in his robe. Andy humming the Rocky theme song and making Henry punch the air.

Cute faces.

Tess trying to sneak Henry home in her bag.


Lisa Leonard said...

Looks like a great time!

Joy said...

what sweet pics--i was wondering how henry's first christmas was. i can't believe you hosted that many people with henry being so little. i NEVER would have done that when my first was 6 months old--oh wait, i probably wouldn't do that now. what a trooper you all are. and, i actually think i like the village.

lindsey cheney said...

looks like sooo much fun! don't you love family gatherings?

Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

1. Henry in Gibby's PJ's... priceless! He looks like a little elf!
2. Henry making the cute sucked in lips face... he looks like a cabbage patch kid!
3. I miss Aunt Peggy!!! Send her my love, please!
4. I can't believe how many gifts Henry received! I have some here I just have to find time to ship out.
5. You need to stop hiding behind the camera!!