Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Great Grandparents

Henry is so blessed to have so many great grandparents. Most people may have only one or two, but Henry has FIVE! Okay, so one lives in Portugal and he will likely never meet her, but she still counts!

We went to a BBQ at Andy's grandpa's house in Laguna before the wedding, and Henry met him for the first time ever.
Duncan, Blake, Andy, Henry, Billy, & Great Grandpa Gibson. Can you tell they're all related?!


Okay, so I know that Henry was little when he was born. I've commented about it and people have mentioned it. But it wasn't until I saw the contrast in these pictures that I realized just HOW little the kid was. I now understand why some people who came to visit didn't even want to hold him for fear of "breaking him". As his mom, I only saw him as beautiful and perfect, and sure he was kinda small, but still seemed normal to me. He seriously looks like he really does still belong in the womb in the first one!

Great Grandma & Grandpa Fabricio (my gparents). Henry at 3 weeks old.

Henry at 9 weeks old. Still small, but what a difference in those legs!

Okay, and totally off topic...but I was at Target yesterday and they had all of their summer stuff on clearance for 50-75% off. Pool toys, floats, etc. More importantly, especially for those of you going on the church campout in a couple weeks, they had infant and child life jackets for 75% off. So, a Speedo life jacket that was regularly priced at $29.99 was marked $7.49! FYI, in case you're in the market. They're usually so expensive! I'm actually gonna go back and stock up on a baby pool and some other stuff for next summer!

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Diana Fabricio said...

hey wheres the good picture u know what i good times sorry i missed you on sat i didnt get home till 5:30 in the morning so i didnt make it to moms to say buy but ill be up there to visit as soon as i can.... give henry a little kiss for me