Thursday, February 4, 2010

National Geographic: Suburbia Edition

It is imperative that the following blog post be read as if a man with a slight British accent is whispering the narrative.

In her natural habitat, the mother wears no make up and her hair is traditionally worn in a ponytail. The t-shirt, if clean, is considered a perfectly acceptable fashion choice, and if a shower was obtained, her day is officially a success.

The mother of the clan is adept at multi-tasking. In this scene, she is seen feeding her young where her adaptability allows for an unprecendented variety of feeding techniques. Not only is she able to nurse one baby, while bottle feeding a second baby...she is able to give a third child the look of death for playing with her camera.

So, you know how you (ideally) look in the mirror at least once a day...but it isn't until you see a picture of yourself that you *gasp* aloud? Yeah. That weird tuft of hair...those USED to be bangs.

...fantastic sams, super cuts, even the neighborhood barber shop...

Gee whiz. It's any wonder my husband hasn't left me yet.

(oh, and you can stop reading with a British accent now...)

So, apparently I've been totally starving my poor child. Jilly has been nursing the usual 10-15 minutes...and THEN *pounding* 6 ounces of formula.


A bit of research on my part found that many kids with CP (and remember, we still don't have an official diagnosis), have feeding issues because they get tired sucking and/or chewing. It appears that this may be the case with Jill.

It will be interesting to see how much (if any) weight she gains.

By the way, bottle feeding sucks. There's dishes and mixing and buying and packing and, it is so much easier to just whip out a boob.

Yes, I just said boob. It's okay.

But, Henry likes to help. And as you can see, Jill adores her brother so it works out for everyone.

Thank you for everyone's kind words in the last post. :)

And don't forget, today is the last day to enter the giveaway!!!


McVal said...

Hi! I stopped over from SITS today and have been reading some of your posts. God has blessed you with beautiful children! In a lot of ways I felt myself relating to you.
Oh and yay boob! I breastfed my kids until various stages. I loved that it gave me the opportunity to sit down and bond with my babies... and my husband would usually volunteer to make supper!
Too bad "those" days are gone!

Joanie said...

I hear you on the breastfeeding. I just don't DO dishes. But sitting and holding my babies and not even having to think about how warm the milk is or if I mixed it right? Yeah, I can do that.

But Jilly does look pretty happy there with Henry! What a guy.

You are a very versatile mama!

jenny said...

okay, i don't know what you're deal is... you look great to me! I look worse than you - sweatpants, nasty college t-shirt and frizzy hair. And I have a 17-month old. :-) But, yes, I also hated bottle feeding.

Kate said...

actually, i think you look cute in the picture!! you hair looks stylish, in a messy sort of way, and look how much you've slimmed down!! i w.i.s.h i looked like you do in that photo!

Dena said...

You look fabulous!!! I am envious of your samll body:) I have managed to gain, yes you heard that right, gain weight while bfing twins. So, while your hair may need cutting, at least you are thin:) I always think my issues wouldn't matter so much if I could just be thin. As if. As for the bottle feeding, my mom always thinks it would be soo much easier if I bottle fed, like making, feeding and cleaning bottles is easier, less time consuming????

Mama Mote said...

So did you hear us - you look great, J. Henry does quite well with a camera, too. I was cracking myself up as I tried reading with an British accent. But it looks like you're doing okay with the girls. And I do love the picture of big brother making sure his sister gets fed. Very sweet. hugs

lindsey said...

ok, i'm sitting in my hotel room (neener neener) and you have me laughing out loud! but then i get all teary eyed when i see henry feeding jilly! aaah! so stinkin' sweet!