Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Ladies!

Can you freaking belIEve it???

It's been six months.

I'm lamenting the loss of babyhood.

I know they're certainly still babies.

But they're not really that squishy newborn baby-ness anymore.

LuLu wore HARD SOLED SHOES today for Pete's Sake!

(Thanks Linds, for pointing that out...because I wasn't feeling all nostalgic this morning already...).

After reminding Andy that today was their six month birthday...

"...sooooo...when's the next one coming on board?..."

Just commit me now.

I'm certifiable.

What on earth am I thinking???!!!

And now for your viewing pleasure, a parade of photos:

What can $4 buy you?
2 pairs of BabyLegs (Carter's brand from the 99cent Store!) and little dresses on clearance for a buck a piece at Walmart!

Holding hands now...

...and then.

Brother doesn't want to be left out!

Picture won't rotate. Mea culpa.

We pulled out the jumper doo-hicky. It's a hit.

Even Jill loves it...although she gets tired quickly.

The house is getting louder. Both girls are starting to "talk" a lot. LuLu isn't crawling, but she can get where she wants by either scooting or rolling. Long gone are the days where she stays put when I lay her down. Jill is doing well. She has a big assessment with her physical therapist on Thursday, so I should know more then. Well, at least have a better sense of where she officially scores for her age and abilities.

Okay, baby parade is over. :)


Joanie said...

Happy Half Birthday! Praying for you regarding Thursday.

Cindy said...

My twins turing 6 months was a big deal for me too. And now they'll be 9 months in a few days! Then headed towards one year! {sniff, sniff}

Mama Mote said...

Happy half birthday, little ladies! Can't believe it either. You're doing great, Jeannett. Love the parade of pics, too.

Allison said...

Hi Jeannett-
My name is Allison and I was in your ovusoft pregnancy buddy group. I've been following your blog since your girls were born and LOVE it! I wanted to contact you b/c a friend of a friend is selling twins girls clothes (pics here: http://new2you.shutterfly.com/twinscloset) and I thought you might be interested. Here's her blog: http://www.themyerstwins06.blogspot.com/ or you can contact her thru Facebook http://www.facebook.com/?filter=nf#/profile.php?id=1582486484&ref=search&sid=1004385631.3003307876..1
Sorry to leave all of this in a comment, but I didnt know how else to get in touch with you. :)

3 Little Chicks said...

We have a lot in common! I have a two year old and my twin girls just turned one a few weeks ago. I'm enjoying your blog. Three kids under the age of two (when the twins were first born) was crazy! But, as Piper and Riley gain more independence, life is feeling "normal" (as normal as can be expected - ha!) -Jennifer

Christina said...

Amazing pictures!!! I LOVE the pics with them holding hands. SOOO sweet!