Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twins are hard.


I said it.

I love my girls.

Even knowing what I know today...I wouldn't change it for the world.

I wouldn't even ask for them to come one at a time.

That being said:

Twin pregancy?

Awful. Honestly. Really, really, really trying on your body. It's nothing like being pregnant with one. I can't explain it...it just isn't. And until you've done it, you won't understand. I don't want a cookie for it...I'm just sayin'.

Twins are awesome. Wonderful. Fun.

But they are hard too.

Really hard.

It's just a lot.

Two babies is just a lot of work.

Babies. Little ones. Ones who cry and want to snuggle and be held.

Who need to be strapped into car seats and carried around everywhere.

Who can't sit up or walk or even crawl.

Who can't entertain themselves.

Or even sleep through the night.

You can't really go anywhere alone with them...because they can't sit up, you have to keep them in their infant carriers...and unless you only plan on buying dental floss, you won't have any room in the back of your cart to actually put any of your purchases.

Not to mention how do you chase after your 2 year old who refuses to leave the toy aisle??? And once you *catch* him, what exactly do you DO with him??? It's not like there's room in the cart.

Because, you know, it's taken up by 2 infant carriers.

And what happens when they start crying? Your cart is full of seats. So, you can't just pick one up...because then you don't have any extra arms to keep track of that 2 year old...and you have nowhere IN the cart to actually put him anyway...

Because, you know, it's taken up by 2 infant carriers.

And even though Baby #2 is quiet for now...you start sweating bullets at the mere THOUGHT of that one deciding to cry too. Because then you're REALLY in for it.

Why is it so hot all of a sudden? Stripping layers of clothing...

In the meantime, you suddenly feel a great deal of empathy for Britney Spears. You can't walk all of three steps without someone stopping you.


My sisters-brother in laws-cousins-neighbors-friends has twins...a boy and a girl.
Great. Fantastic. Happy for them. Really.

How do you do it?
I have no idea. I just do.

Boy, you have your arms full!
Better full than empty!

[Polite smile.]

Aw, how cute!

How far apart are they?
1 minute.

Are they identical?
Not even a little bit.

A boy and a girl?
Um, yeah. Because I regularly dress my boys in pink dresses and bows, but that's cool.

But that one's so much bigger...
Yeah, amazing that whole fraternal thing...

Was it a surprise?
You betcha.

Are those all YOURS???
Every last one.

You feel like a freak show some days.

So you quickly buy your dental floss...and everyone else who wants to coo at your babies probably thinks you are a complete B*&%H because you hurry past them hoping to make it through the trip without a meltdown of your own...load everyone back up into the car...drive home with 2 out of 3 screaming bloody murder...try to turn the volume up on the stereo...notice your harried reflection in the mirror and grimace at the sight...

And wonder why on EARTH you needed dental floss so damn bad to begin with...

because you are now EXHAUSTED, need a nap, are sweating like a hog, have hysterical kids who need calmed down, and your hair looks like Hurricane Katrina Re-Visited.

Wondering and hoping that you remembered to put your ATM card back into your purse and didn't just leave it on the counter with the pimply-faced cashier.

Inevitably, the phone will ring at this point.

You'll find your phone (on the last ring) at the bottom of the diaper bag...nestled snugly among the cracker crumbs and that rogue baby sock you were looking for last week. It will be your husband wondering what is for dinner tonight...and if you can please call Comcast about the latest bill increase...and "why are the babies crying?"

Because I had the dire need for dental floss, that's why.

But then that crazy two year old of yours decides to start making googly faces at his sisters...

and the crying magically stops.

and turns into full-on, uncontrollable belly laughs.

Mommy! Jilly's laughing!

And you know what is sweeter than a baby laughing?

TWO babies laughing.

And you tear up because even though your blood pressure is probably through.the.roof...it is all worth it for moments like these.

And you make a mental note to just ask your husband to pick up dental floss on his way home next time.


Cindy said...

This is great! I don't have the two year old, but this so describes going to the store with twins! I just recently had to break down and push them in their stroller and pull a cart behind me in the grocery store. You'd have thought I had two heads for as many people who stared! {sigh}

joy said...

yeah, i'm asking too, why did you need the dental floss so damn badly? was the dental floss true or was that for effect? i love that the laughs of 2 babies is sweeter than 1 baby laughing. this is why God gave you the twins--you have such a good perspective, even when it's really, really hard. you're doing a great job with all 3 kids, jeannett!

Jeannett Gibson said...

joy-dental floss was just for effect. you think i have time to floss these days???? really now...

Jacquelyn said...

You should ask everyone who stops you for a penny. I'm serious! if they want your time it will cost them a penny. You'll be rich.

Serenity Now said...

oh man, my blood pressure went up just READING this post. I can't even pretend to understand what you go through every day. Especially because I think ONE kid is hard...which probably sounds ridiculous to you and might make you want to slap me a little. I feel like you Gibson's should have your own sitcom or something.

Peggy said...

Oh how I remember with my three, though they are not twins. Tess in her seat in the bottom of the cart, Nelle in the top seat of the cart and poor Graeme trudging along. Sometimes he stuffed himself in with Tess! Of course, no room for anything else, so there I was pulling another cart. I felt like a train! You are doing a great job Jeannett, be proud of yourself!

Chelle Belle said...

Long time reader first time commenter haha such a horrible line! Anyway I am tearing up at this post, it is sooo me! Although my 3rd is just finally starting to walk at 18 months so she has to find a place in the cart as she doesn't walk more than a few feet at a time at home. We can only go out to 2 stores by ourselves that have 2 tiered carts. Dental floss? I won't ask you if you needed it that badly cuz I know you prolly have no time to brush your teeth let alone floss haha! I usually venture out once a week by myself for a few things but honestly it's just to get out and you wouldn't believe how many ask if they're identical AFTER finding out they're a boy and a girl! Oh my! Anyway thanks for so eloquently describing what life with newborn twins and another young child is like...I wish more people understood most days. :)

jenny said...

Oh Jeanette.... you always have me laughing. I love the random people comments. You are too funny. I'm glad you're documenting all this, b/c it's always wonderful to look back and remember...
Can't wait to see these little sweet ones hopefully while I'm in SLO for a bit.

Joanie said...

I know what you mean about the hot feeling when you just KNOW things are about to get even uglier.

Great Q&A. You are on my mind. We were down in your city today trying to get on that cute little train at the mall, and I thought of hanging out. Then I thought about my girls' crusty noses. Yeah, thought I'd spare you that.

I love that your husband asks why the babies are crying. That's hysterical. Hang in there!

Mama Mote said...

I'm with Jenny. You always have me laughing and I can just picture what you're saying. You should write a book - well, you basically are here. Thanks for sharing your life with us and giving us something to smile about. So glad to see you can still smile, laugh and get through the day. I'm sure it's tough, but you are doing great, Jeannett. Always praying for you. hugs

kristine.debruin said...

I've been reading your blog since mid July when my husband and I found out we're having twins. I have to say i LOVE your candid thoughts. It's wonderful to hear from a mom who's making it work. I especially liked this post because it's so honest. I just wanted to stop in and say thanks, for the stories, advice, and honesty from a soon to be mom to twins in Iowa :)

Susan said...

You have an amazing knack for frankly, honestly and humorously documenting life as a mother to twins and a little boy. I've been reading your blog since I found out I was pregnant with twins at 17 weeks. My twins (boy and girl) are now 5 weeks and you're right; twins are hard (I also have a 4 year old son)! We're also cloth diapering and exclusively nursing and I've gotten a lot out of following your blog: tips, understanding and many laughs! Thank you for documenting your life and sharing it with everyone.

A devoted reader,

Jenn said...

I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this because I can follow everything you are saying to a tee! I have 7 month old twins - b/g! I know where you are coming from and it's great to know that there are "others" of us out there! I do feel like a freak show sometimes... in fact that's usually what we are saying when we're in public. I especially like the questions we get..."are they 2 girls or 2 boys?" well, one is in pink and one is in blue (with matching blankets!). We also get "are they identical?" are you serious?! Thanks for the smile today!

The Perry Family! said...

i found your blog link on twinstuff and i must say that you are an awesome blog writer! great job!

anywho...i almost died laughing when i read this entry and even had tears in my eyes! i think it's because i relate so well to it! :) i have an almost 3 year old daughter and twin 4.5 month old sons. thank you for that laugh and for your wonderful way of wording it! :)