Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Christmas Party 2009

The Saturday before Christmas, Andy's family gets together .

This year, it was a *bit* hectic.

Not gonna lie.

The girls didn't do too well, refused to go to bed, and were pretty hysterical by the end of it all.

BUT, they looked fabulous in their party dresses!

If you can get past the fact that both girls are trying to catch flies...this is a pretty good picture!

My greatest joy. Ever.

These dresses were a gift from a friend. She bought them FIVE YEARS AGO at a yard sale...some wealthy family who had twin friend didn't even know anyone who had twin girls, but she couldn't resist the dresses and bought them anyway and held onto them. When my girls were born, they were given these silk (yes, silk) dresses that were made in Italy. As in, the tags are in Italian and likely bought while the original family vacationed.


I even had them dry cleaned.


Before you comment on the "twinsies" look...I realize now that I'm not as anti the girls dressing alike...but I think it's because they look so different that the same outfit looks completely different on each girl. Besides, it's Chrismas.


I made these bows that morning. Don't be impressed. I heart YouTube.

Easy peasy.

Mama & Jilly.

And the Oscar goes to....

I'm smiling. But it's fake. The girls were both screaming. I was doing that bouncing/rocking/shushing thing that every mom has in her bag of tricks. It wasn't working. I was sweating. I wanted to scream. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO TAKE A PICTURE PEOPLE???!!!! HURRY UP DON'T YOU SEE HOW RIDICULOUS THIS IS FOR ME RIGHT NOW????!!!! QUIT CHIT CHATTING, TAKE THE PHOTO, AND LET'S GET OUT OF HERE.

Okay, better now. :)

During all of this, someone loudly said: "We'll be reading about this tomorrow!"

Yes, yes you will...


Jacquelyn said...

You have such a be*you*ti*ful family!!!! gorgeous!!

Cindy said...

Those dresses are just gorgeous! Sweet family photo!

The Kothe Clan said...

The dresses are beautiful. One thing no one ever warned me of before I had my twins was the enormous amount of sweating I would be doing! It is tough taking care of two.

Joanie said...

I'm breathless and nearly speechless by the beauty and adorableness in these pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those dresses, those eyes, Henry - all five of you - big canvas print over the mantle, right?

Hilarious about the get-the-picture-already moment.

lynette said...

Love the beautiful dresses and the awesome pics! I agree about the canvas print over the mantle...too bad Andy already bought your Christmas gift (wink wink).

Kristen Borland said...

lovely family! Merry christmas!