Monday, November 2, 2009

Random Project: Chalkboard

I've always liked having some kind of eraseable board in or near the kitchen. It's easier than frantically looking for a scrap of paper and pen to jot down phone numbers or notes while on the phone. In previous homes we had a dry erase board just outside the kitchen door but it got ruined during our various moves so I needed something new.

Plus, there's always been a particularly bare wall in the kitchen that just screamed for something.

I went to Home Depot and searched the remnants pile. If you go to the back corner of the lumber department, they have a giant saw where they will cut down wood for customers. They typically have a pile of leftover scraps that they will sell to you for *dirt* cheap. This piece of melamine coated mdf cost me a whopping $0.50!!!

Ran to our local craft store for chalkboard paint ($5.99 - 40% off coupon = $3.60).

Added some embellishments with scrapbook paper I already had using my new cricut.

Tied some chalk ($0.99 for a box of 12 pieces) to the boards with ribbon I already had.

Bought Henry his own mini chalkboard ($2.49 - 40% coupon = $1.49) and painted the wooden frame in a coordinating color (with paint I also already had).

Total cost of project: $6.50!!!


joy said...

you have a cricut machine?!! i'm really jealous.i have no use for one really, but they seem so cool. love the project and love the cost. you're really good about saving money.

Joanie said...

Perfect!!! I love that you used the little one for Henry too. (I'm cracking up because my chalkboard is the size of Henry's! Maybe I should upgrade and give the girls their own???)