Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Since the girls are now 3 months old, I took the kids to Sears for some photos.

Let's just say that I have a new appreciation for people who have nice family portraits.

I've heard my friends lament about how difficult it is to get a good photo that includes multiple children.

Especially when Lucy was completely *obsessed* with staring at her shoes. I mean, they ARE darling so I guess I can't blame her too much.

Suffice it to say that I left Sears stressed, exhausted and cursing under my breath.

It was just shy of a disaster.

Somehow, I think we managed to get a couple of cute shots.

None of them are fantastic, but hey...it's Sears. They sell fridges, men's underwear, have a nail salon, watch repair, auto repair AND a photo studio under one roof. How much more can you ask for, right?

(I was busy shushing a crying baby during Henry's turn...not quite sure about the "cross your legs little boy" pose...)


Joanie said...

Okay, I think they are totally cute! I really like the background and Henry is awesome for having that sweet ready smile. The girls' shoes are adorable and really, all they have to do is show us those baby eyes and I'm gone. All 3 of your babies are precious!

Cindy said...

See, those didnt' turn out bad! I'm kinda nervous about taking my twins for their 6mo photos Sat. I hope we get some good smiley ones!

joy said...

i think the pictures turned out good! but, i know the feeling.i kind of dread having pictures taken--it's just so chaotic. but the end result makes it worth it.

Jacquelyn said...

Oh man! Sorry the behind the scenes moments were so difficult. You'd never know it from looking at those cute pictures. I'm glad you had a good photographer. I have never had luck at Sears getting pictures done. I always drive down to JC Penny's photo studio. (Aren't little girl shoes the BEST!! - too cute!!)

Kristen said...

The background is so 1970's...love it! It really goes with the leopard shoes!

lynette said...

Love.love.love them! Henry looks like such a little man! and him in the middle like that is just how he is with them! Photo sessions are always stressful at that age, but you will be SO glad you have them!! Their personalities are shining through, most definitely!

Priscilla said...

I trust everyone slept well after the portrait sitting!!! They are just darling!! In 20 years (like I do)you will look back and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these memories!! Jilly is so YOU, Jeannett and Lucy is so Henry :)