Saturday, September 19, 2009


With life as crazy as it is around here lately, I wasn't able to do anything really elaborate this year. But, I couldn't let the occasion go without SOME fanfare.

So, while the girls napped, Henry and I baked Daddy a cake. (Which Henry kept calling "Daddy's Coffee" because of the dark brown color of the batter).

Asking a two year old to man the colored sprinkles was probably a bad idea.

And then asking him to put the candle on the never even occurred to me that he might not know that it should go vertical, not horizontal!

I clarified for him.

He was a bit ambitious.

I know, it's nothing exciting. I do own an entire box of cake decorating supplies, I've taken the classes, and I usually make cakes from scratch with funky colors and shapes and lots of detail. This year, we had to settle for boxed cake mix I happened to have in the pantry and some orange sprinkles from sugar cookies I made last Halloween. (The icing is homemade so that has to count, right?) I found a cute little basketball candle at Rite Aid. Dresses it up a bit, don't you think?

Then we hung some decorations...or as Henry referred to it all afternoon "a birfday party" complete with noise makers.

And a cheesy grin that the only way I could get out of him was to threaten that he wouldn't be able to eat any of the cake unless he smiled for the camera.

We finished off the night by going to Red Robin (Gibsons, party of five) for dinner. Henry ate ketchup. I think there was a corn dog in there too somewhere.

Dinner was a whirlwind. We had to time it just right so that the girls wouldn't need to eat halfway through. Walking back to our car I asked Andy "So, was that more or less work than just making dinner at home and all the associated clean up?"

"About the same."

Maybe we'll do take-out next year.


(we hope you loves us too in the midst of all the craziness!!!)


Priscilla said...

VERY CUTE!! I think you did a GREAT job - considering everything going on!!! I KNOW Andy's gretest gifts are his son and daughter's and talented and beautiful wife :)

Anonymous said...

"Dresses it up a bit, don't you think?" That KILLED me!
Happy birthday, Andy. You are one blessed man indeed.