Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where's a Dove Commercial When You Need One?

My mom and I were able to squeeze in a quick trip to Kohl's last week.

Where I passed a display for 80% off bikinis.

"I'll never be shopping THAT rack again!"

"Yes you will Jeannett. You lost all the weight after'll do it again."

Ah yes...but it isn't the number on the scale that I worry about.

Honestly, I'm pretty close already...I've somehow managed to lose 35 pounds...of the 55 total I gained...three weeks postpartum. So I'm not too concerned about the last 20. I'm sure those will go away eventually too. Nursing two babes helps.

But just because the number on the scale is the same...somehow, all the pieces don't quite fit together the same. Things get moved around, shifted, stretched, and otherwise disoriented.

...And all the Kings horses and all the Kings Men couldn't put Humpty together again...

When you are a little girl, you romanticize about being pregnant someday.

That perfect basketball belly...the sweet little kicks...the glow people talk about...

And then you grow up and actually GET pregnant.

And if the realities of pregnancy aren't then realize that:

There are few things more deflating than looking in a mirror a few weeks postpartum (followed closely by looking in the mirror a few weeks after being done nursing).

No one *really* expects to have their high school body forever. But it's a whole other ball of wax to see the stretched out, doughy, smoosh of skin you once called your belly.

This is true of any pregnancy...but...whew...TWINS.

What on earth is THAT and how is it attached to ME? And will it EVER go back? Or at least be a shadow of its former self?

The good news is that I have a belly button again. So that's promising.

I also, however, have a scar that goes clear from hip bone to hip bone. I have yet to actually LOOK at it...I'm not sure I can bear to see it quite yet, but I can feel it. And it's not little.

Andy tells me it looks really good. I'm gonna have to trust him on that one for now.

I know that it took me 9 months to create that giant belly, so it's not about to disappear (or get better) overnight.

Besides, this is the payment for the mooshy weirdness...

My two sweet girls who hold each other's hands during naps (and when nursing)...

worth every single tiger stripe and wrinkly bump.



Mike and Rachel said...

I was watching Jon and Kate plus 8 the other night and she was rockin' the bikini with 8 kids. So I say lose the weight, write in to some show like "the doctor's" and maybe you can score a free tummy tuck!

Oh, and the pic of your daughters teared me up. So precious!!!

lynette said...

Thank God you went where you did with that post or I'd never get grandkids, from either my daughter or daughter-in-law to be!! :) Just kidding. And, yes, folks, Lucy & Jilly are just as precious in person as in the pictures. Truly.

joy said...

How amazing that they hold hands--that is so precious. As for the bikini thing--I didn't have twins, but girl, you are preaching to the choir! So, is it almost time for us to have monster garage sales to finance that "work" we talked about getting done before you had the girls? ;)

Thomas Clan said...

i love that they hold hands...melts my heart. :)

Sugar Plum said...

I love to see the girls holding hands... too cute!! We'll given you looked so amazing after Hen... and the fact you ALREADY look awesome.. I have feeling you'll be a "hot mom" for many years to come!!!

summer... said...

totally worth it! the picture alone is amazing, but your sweet tenderness towards your babies is so precious!