Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Henry Show

So, we decided to make the move to Henry's "big boy bed" last week.

I know that some people would argue that we should wait to make major changes in his life for a while since the girls are here, but I think that it would be best to make all the changes needed NOW (big bed, potty training) and get them all over with at once so that he can get used to his new normal...rather than drag it out for months on end. But I'm not a child psychologist so I could be wrong. :)

Anyway, we had this fantastic bed that some sweet friends gave us a while back. It is pure wrought iron...and HEAVY. But hey, I'm not the one who had to lug it up the stairs!

We were also given by another friend, a video monitor. She is done having babies and thought we might like it to watch the girls interactions as they get bigger. We set it up in Henry's room just to see what he did now that he had freedom in his bedroom.

We put him to bed and then rushed out to the living room to watch The Henry Show.

It was too funny. He got out of bed (after jumping on it for a bit), tried to get out of his room (but we bought this safety thing that locks him in), stood there calling "Mommy! Daddy!" for a few minutes...bonked his head on the door for a while...then crawled back into bed and went to sleep. The whole thing lasted maybe 10 minutes. No crying. No fussing. Heck, he didn't even play with anything from the toy box in his room!

So the last few days we have enjoyed laughing at The Henry Show that plays every nap time and bed time. Unfortunately for our entertainment purposes, The Henry Show is getting a little boring...since he fiddles around less and less and just kinda goes to sleep. Dang, it was fun while it lasted!

But I am very happy to say that the transition from crib to bed has been uneventful and tearless! So nice that something went right! (An update on Potty Training will come soon...)


Mommy3 said...

We have a dual monitor for our twins, but use it to watch our almost 3 year old instead. We call it Cole TV. It is hilarious. All the time I thought he was such a great sleeper. He actually tosses & turns A LOT and quietly plays or looks at books in bed. I love watching him sleep. Such a sweet boy.

joy said...

yay for henry! and of course he transitioned just fine--there are a small percentage of children who do that, so of course, you would be in that percentage. glad you experienced a perk! :)

Lisa Leonard said...

you are so FUNNY! can you tape the show?? i want to watch!

Mama Mote said...

Too cute, Jeannett. We transitioned Liz to the big bed before Danielle came into the house because they were going to share the room. She got used to it pretty quick, too. As for potty training...she did good before Danielle came and regressed, but not for long. I think she figured out she was the "BIG" sister and decided to act like the big sister. So we had a nice transition on both counts. Hope you do, too. I want to see Henry, too.