Monday, July 6, 2009

Update to my Update to my Update

I hate my doctor.


I'm home. Which is good because that means that I'm not being induced.

I rushed around like a crazy lady getting all my hospital stuff put together, car seats thrown into the car, and made 800 phone calls to let Andy and grandmas know that this *might* be it.

When the doctor came in, he literally looked at my belly for 2 seconds and said "Okay, just put some Calamine lotion on it. That should help some. We'll run some blood tests to see how your liver is doing. See you Wednesday at your next prenatal appointment." And started out the door...

Um...okay. I laughed and said "wow, that's it?" and went on to explain that his receptionist had suggested I bring my bag because I would likely be induced.

"Oh, no. Sorry about that."

And he started walking out the door again..."well, is this PUPPS?"

"Yeah, probably."

Okayyyyy....glad you were forthcoming with the information.

And that was that.

He didn't listen to the heartbeats, ask me any questions...nothing. Just told me to put on some Calamine lotion and go for some tests. The whole thing lasted like 15 seconds. Wow. Thanks for your concern.

Anyway, the good news is that unless my blood results come back wonky, I won't be induced. In the meantime, Brenda did suggest that I start doing what I can to induce naturally because "...with PUPPS it only gets worse until you deliver...and you need to get some sleep..."

And that is that.

Sorry for the false alarm.


jenny said...

That stinks. Gosh. That makes ME frustrated and I'm only a blog stalker over here in KS! Welp, here's to labor starting naturally! You ever tried curb walking? That (and sex) worked for me!

gina said...

hang in there... i heard that rubbing charcoal (you can get it at the vitamin store) can really help with the itchiness... when i was pregnant, i was so desperate to get the kid out that i literally drank some kind of oil... that turned my bowles out of wack and in turned started the contractions. it was nasty, but it worked...

joy said...

well, i guess i'm glad that so far your liver is fine. sorry about the pupps and the docs attitude. maybe he'll be better on wed. so, sounds like it's time for sex, walking, and foot rubs. go for a pedicure--and get a foot rub. isn't there something about pressure points in the feet that can induce labor?

Serenity Now said...

I used some Aveeno anti-itch lotion that had Calamine in it...that seemed to help - and keeping cold compresses on there, like a cold washcloth. Ooooh, I am so feeling for you - I was in AGONY over that rash, and didn't sleep a wink.
I can't imagine you are even close to wanting to have sex - but I've had a few friends try the castor oil trick and it seemed to work. Good luck girl, I will think lots of going into labor thoughts for you - at least you aren't being induced! (and I'll be sure and steer clear of your doc for my next kid)

Joanie said...

So sorry to hear about that wasted trip. No small distance or effort!

I'm praying you'll get relief soon. And you'll get to hug those babies and see their beautiful faces!!!

Jen said...

I actually have very little respect for most doctors, and your story is exactly why. Most of them simply don't care - they have their own agenda & their patients well-being isn't their #1 priority. Sad but true...Western medicine stinks a lot of the time. (I know there are good doctors out there, btw, I am just making a generalization.)

I'm wondering how your husband has been through all of this...I hadn't really heard you mention much about it. Hopefully very supportive & pampering you to the fullest!!