Friday, July 31, 2009

Thrush and an Early Start

After the girls were returned to their crib after their late night feeding, I lay in bed...and felt that all too familiar feeling of stabbing, shooting, burning pain...and chuckled to myself.

Really? REALLY? I mean, seriously. Can't I just be done with all the drama and complications??? Just when I started feeling really good and my incision is mostly healed and even the open part is almost completely closed....I still have a new ache and pain...really???

"Luckily", I had thrush with Henry, so I know in advance what it is and that prescription Nystatin doesn't work for beans. So, rather than take the antibiotic for two weeks in vain (and pain), I'll just nip it in the bud with some gentian violet and high doses of acidophilus (the good cultures you find in yogurt). It should feel better in 2-3 days.

But really. ugh.

It's gotten humorous. Painful. But humorous.

In other, better news...Jillian was accepted as being medically eligible for the Early Start Program!!! Basically, it is a State funded program aimed at helping kids who may have physical, developmental, speech or other delays. It is free to families who are medically eligible (as decided by the staff pediatrician)...regardless of your income level. Woohoo! (We never qualify for any kind of thing like this, so it's kind of exciting to actually get to use some of the services our tax dollars go to...because let me tell you...we have paid *many* a dollar to Uncle Sam over the years!)

The Case Manager and a physical therapist will be coming to the house on Monday to do the initial assesment and then decide from there what the schedule of visits will be. Apparently, they typically come to the house for an hour each week with whatever specialist is necessary for up to three years. We don't know if Jill will have any delays, however, this will keep her monitored so that IF there are any issues, we will have caught them immediately and can begin working with her as soon as possible.

This is very, very exciting to me. My mommy's heart obviously prays that she suffers no lasting effects from the oxygen deprivation, but if there are any issues, I want to play a really proactive role in doing whatever we can to give her the best chance possible for leading a "normal" (whatever that means!) life.

And with that...Miss Jill is wanking. Probably wants to eat. Again.

(and in case you were wondering...yes, I can tell who it is just by the cry...Jill has a high pitched squeal...Lucy just wails like she's been wonked on the head...)


joy said...

Of course you developed thrush, you lucky, lucky girl! Luckily you do know what to do and I love gentian violet. Looks like the babies have been eating markers. Yay for the Early Start program.

Joanie said...

Bummer on the thrush. So great that you are thinking positively and acting proactively. Can't hurt, and we'll keep on praying for Miss Jill.

They are so beautiful! So glad to see you and your three! Henry's eyes - yum. (How have I never been that up close to him before?)

Kristen said...

i totally understand your excitement over getting into early start. both my boys need a little extra help for whatever reason (still haven't gotten nehemiah evaluated), and i totally appreciate that it's free. and it's a very good thing to start as early as possible. especially since everything changes when they turn three--so much harder to qualify for things.