Thursday, July 23, 2009

Look Alikes

I obviously know that fraternal twins are basically just siblings that shared the womb and happen to have the same birthday. Even still, I can.not get over how DIFFERENT these two girls look! Their coloring, size, skin type, hair, eyes, nose, head shape, feet, it...TOTALLY different!

(I have 800 pictures of the girls together...and yet, not ONE has both of them looking cute or not crying! Ugh.)

Lucy is a dead ringer for her brother. They even have the same scowl. Andy's aunt came to me the other day and showed me a picture on her cell phone..."Oh, that's a cute one of Lucy!"..."No Jeannett...that's HENRY." Oops.



Jill, on the other hand, is such the opposite. In fact, I joked in the hospital that if it weren't for the fact that I have photos of a screaming Jill with my blood and guts in the background, I would swear she had been switched at birth! I know that my husband's family is light skinned, fair haired, and blue eyed...yet, it's still weird that this little blonde, ruddy skinned baby came from...ME. I can now understand a little bit when my friend Liz (who has the same coloring as I do) says that she has been asked more than once, when out with her blonde, blue eyed daughter, if she is the babysitter!

Life is settling down a bit around here. The girls are still only waking up 1-2 times at night. Lest you be envious...don't be. They may only wake up a couple of times, but it takes me upwards of TWO HOURS each time to get them BACK to sleep! They have these marathon nursing sessions...pass out, mouths wide open, milk all over their little faces...and the second I move them, they wake up wanting to eat some more. "Mom! We weren't done! We were just taking a break!!!" It doesn't help that they both want to use me as a giant human pacifier...which, is hard enough with one baby, but a physical impossiblility with two babies...well, that is, if I ever want to get any sleep! (I can't exactly nurse two babies laying has to be done sitting up).

Nursing two at a time is "easier" than I thought it would be. The only issue I've run up against has been that if one baby unlatches, my movement many times causes the other to unlatch...and when I go back to situate THAT baby, the other baby gets unlatched....and sometimes I end up spending a bunch of time situating babies...over and over again. Luckily, the "older" they are getting, the better they are at staying latched on. The only concern I have at this point is how on earth I will be able to nurse tandem in public. For now, I have a special twin nursing pillow that is fantastic and a MUST HAVE...but it's the size of Rhode Island so I can't exactly tote it around with me...I may have to start pumping so that I can just give bottles when we go places? Hmmmm...

Oh, and in case you were wondering: that whole "never wake a sleeping baby" thing...yeah, not with twins. If I ever hope to get/keep these girls on the same schedule, someone is always getting jostled awake when her sister decides she wants to eat.

But you know the *best* part of nursing twins???

I get TWO little milky songs sung to me every time! Love. It.


Kristen said...

so you can understand how thrilled i was when lola came out with dark hair after having two boys with daddy's hair! seriously, after all the effort a woman goes through to have a baby, it's nice when one looks like her.

lynette said...

I love that they are I know you are! That was so important to you! They are both simply ADORABLE! What I love is that Lucy is gonna have her mama wrapped around her little finger (as if she doesn't already) and Jilly already has her daddy right where she wants him. No question about it.

Priscilla said...

you are very fortunate to have them be so different - Peter's twin nieces are like that too - one blonde and blue-eyed and one dark hair and blue-eyed (we call them "Snow White and Rose Red" after a fairy tale story we used to read to our kids)I'll try to find it for you too!!

Priscilla said...

I just found it on Amazon and got it. It is actually written by the Brothers Grimm, but not that well known

summer... said...

you're so funny. they definitely are little individuals. i just love it! they are absolutely adorable in their sweet individual way.

Joanie said...

Fun story. You are so amazing! You rock. I love your sweetness about the songs at the end of describing what could be pretty frustrating.

I've seen the twin nursing pillow. Likening it to Rhode Island is so true. Tee hee.

Thomas Clan said...

love it!!! you go girl, what a wonderful mommy you are.

Dena said...

Obviously I am reading through your entire blog tonight:) It's been one of those days and I need to know someone else has them too. My twins are totally different as well. One looks like my husband with my feet and one looks like me with his feet. It's the most amazing thing. They have different skin tones, different hair and one is very dry and one is oily....sooo odd. Genes are strange.