Friday, July 10, 2009

Labor Update #1

Nothing to say. Sadly. Contractions are few, far apart, and completely inconsistent.

Was hoping to hang out at home until they had some consistency...tried to get some sleep in the meantime but the PUPPPS has flared up really badly and I can hardly sit still much less get some shut eye (presumably from the hormone surge???).

If contractions don't start up in the next few hours, we'll probably head out to the hospital.

If I actually fall asleep, I'll take advantage of it and go to the hospital early early in the morning (like before 5).

Ideally, contractions start up. I'd much rather get to the hospital in active labor...otherwise, they'll give me Pitocin to start labor since my water is broken. Phooey.

In the meantime, using sterile toilet paper, taking Vitamin C every hour, taking my temp every few hours (to make sure I don't have a fever), and paying close attention to movement from both girlies.

Will update as soon as we decide to head out. That is, if anyone is even still awake to read these updates!


Joanie said...

Obsessively checking and very relieved! Keeping you in prayer. Can't wait to see pictures of you holding your new babies!

God be with you tonight, Jeannett!

Patty said...

I'm awake! And waiting with you!

lynette said...

I just got up to see how you were doing. Praying your contractions will become consistent, worthy & productive so your birthplan can be fulfilled! Love you all!

the wife said...

I'm up and praying...

Mama Mote said...

I'm awake! I'm awake! But going to bed soon. Then Dan gets up around 4am, so I'll check again since I can't get back to sleep lately. Then I'll pray some more, take a nap, get up and check again. We'll pray for those babes. God bless, Gibsons