Monday, June 22, 2009

Quick Update

I'm still here.

Still miserably pregnant.

I cry every night.

So worn out.

Every bone, tendon, nerve, muscle and parts I didn't know I had...hurts.

So swollen. My fingers and toes look like little sausages.

It hurts to move.

It hurts to sit still.

Last night I was up all night with the stomach flu.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

I know it's best for them to keep cooking.

But it's still really hard.

Really hard.

This is *nothing* like being pregnant with a singleton. Not just because Henry was small...but just the extra energy that two little babies pull from you.

I'm a bad blogger. Yesterday was Father's Day. Today was our 7 year anniversary. Tomorrow is Henry's 2nd birthday. Not sure I'll have the energy to post about any of them. Ugh...

(sorry, didn't mean that to be a big whine-fest...but I'm being honest. not looking for pity, just updating...)


lynette said...

Praying for endurance right now my dear! The right time is near...and you will feel so much better! Those girls are as anxious as you are, I'm sure! Love you!

joy said...

i'm so sorry jeannett. praying for you right now. and it's not bad blogging not to blog about "big" events. almost there, almost there, almost there.

Mommy Laity said...

Happy Anniversary. Happy Birthday Henry!

The swolleness means it will be soon right? Soon. When do you hit 36 weeks? Will you go off of bedrest at that point?

Joanie said...

Feelin' Drained? I can only imagine. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your sweet 2 year old! Now you can say, "They're two years apart."

Happy Birthday Baby Girls, too, because they're coming soon!

Mama Mote said...

That's what I love about you, Jeannett - that honesty. And we will all look forward to meeting your girls and heaving sighs of relief when they come. Then you'll be back to blogging in no time (maybe). Love you and praying for you.

Priscilla said...

Hang in there, sweetheart! Praying for all of you! Happy Anniversary! Happy birthday, Henry! Happy Monday, Jeanett! Happy cookin, Peanut and Jelly Bean!!

Sugar Plum said...

Insert Hug Here! Love Ya! b

Leah said...

Thank you for updating. Praying for strength for you now.