Friday, May 1, 2009

The Real Housewives of Santa Barbara County

The Truth:

  • I don't work.
  • I just woke up from an hour and a half mid-afternoon nap.
  • I ate some Oreos and milk while watching Oprah.
  • My son is at daycare.
  • My cleaning lady just left.
Sounds really bad, huh?!...

The REAL Truth:

  • I'm just on maternity leave from my full time office job.
  • Being almost 29 weeks pregnant with twins makes naps a necessity...and it didn't help that one of Andy's East Coast clients called at FOUR THIRTY in the morning. Apparently he didn't get the memo that we are in California...but it took a while for the adrenaline rush of a phone call at that hour to wear off...
  • Okay, I have no real excuse for the Oreos/Oprah...that was just pure indulgence.
  • Henry goes to daycare three days a that mom can actually rest and take it easy like the doctor ordered.
  • I do have a cleaning lady...temporarily at least. Not only did the docs tell me to not do housework, but when I merely mopped my kitchen floor a couple of weeks ago, I ended up having contractions for two hours afterward. After that little episode, I told Andy he had three options:
  1. The house was going to be filthy for the next 6 months.
  2. He had to clean.
  3. We would hire a cleaning lady for the remainder of my pregnancy and hopefully the first 3-4 months that the girls are here.
No surprise he chose #3.

That's better, right? :)

And just because blog posts are boring without pictures, apparently rainy cold days mean face painting at daycare! :)


joy said...

Love the picture of Henry. I'm laughing about the first part of your post because I just posted on my FB page the other day that I lead such a glamorous life--one day I cleaned a lot of vomit and the next day I cleaned up poop from the carpet. Your life sounds way more glamorous!

Contractions for 2 hours after mopping? I'm so glad you got a cleaning lady. I remember having contractions after cleaning, too, so I can only imagine what your body does carrying 2 babies. Okay, sorry for the long comment, I guess I'm feeling very chatty this morning.

Mama Mote said...

Glad you get to get some real rest. I pray you get all the rest you need, you have a good delivery (make that 2 deliveries), and I can't wait to meet the girls when the time comes.

Michelle said...

Is Henry eating french fries & chicken strips? Mmmmmm...

Joanie said...

Good for you, Jeannett! Getting rest and help is definitely a necessity.

(Think of the TV and oreos time as an investment in lowering your blood's nice to just veg out once in a while!)

cee.fabee. said...

WOW! Does Henry really eat that much?? I can barely get Ronin to eat much of anything, let alone a full plate like that!!