Friday, May 1, 2009

Discovery Museum

After having lived in Santa Maria for 6 years now, we finally headed over the the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum with Henry.

We had a good time and it was really cute. Henry was maybe *a little* young to really appreciate it and make it worth getting a yearlong pass, but we will definitely be back when he's 3-4. It costs $8 per person with kids under 2 free. A yearlong pass is only $85 per family...which includes 2 adults and 3 children, so WAY worth it if your kids are into it. (And you can even rent out the entire museum for birthday parties! I'm gonna keep that in the back of my head as a potential birthday venue in the future!)

It was basically one giant room with lots of little different exhibits. It certainly wasn't as "polished" as museums in larger cities, but I secretly love "hokey" makes me love living in a semi-rural area after growing up in the suburbs of L.A...I don't know why...I guess things feel more accessible and community oriented or something. I think I just appreciate seeing how something can come together purely from donations from generous local families and businesses. It's just cute.

Checking out the sharks. Okay, mini sharks, but they're still sharks.All aboard!Ahoy!

How funny is this??? If you look close at the windshield, there are different types of bird poop with little signs underneath explaining which bird they are from. Gross, but totally funny!

Henry got a kick out of this bubble thing.
The walk on piano was a HIT.
Say Cheese!
The most ACTIVE turtles I have ever seen.
A tractor...a little boy's dream.
Digging at the "tar pits".

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joy said...

We keep meaning to go and haven't made it yet. I hear the Santa Maria museum is better than the SLO one.