Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Like Daddy

Henry is in LOVE with his Daddy.

No, seriously. I mean, he LOVES LOVES LOVES his dad.

He watches so intently whenever Andy is doing something and wants to copy *everything* he does. Whether it is out in the garage working on a car, unloading the dishwasher...even feeding the dogs, the kid wants to do it if his dad is doing it. If mom is doing it? Nah, not so much. :(

The last few times that Andy has mowed the lawn, Henry has been really scared of the mower. I thought that a good way to maybe overcome his fears would be to get him his own lawn mower so that he can help! Worked like a charm!!!

It is really important to us to get (and hopefully keep) our kids involved in tasks around the house. I know that for now, it's all a novelty and soon enough, helping daddy will require the pulling of some teeth, but we figure that we will embrace this helpful heart while we can. With a family of five (and likely six eventually), our kids will HAVE to help...whether they like it or not...because being a part of this family is going to have to be a team effort.

So, we make it a point to include Henry in all of our tasks even if it means that it takes 20 minutes to unload the dishwasher, or that there is pancake mix and batter all. over. the kitchen counter, or waiting for him to wake up from a nap before the lawn is mowed. Besides, it makes for really cute pictures! :)


Peggy said...

So precious!

aron said...

our neighbors have 3 boys and one of them is always out "mowing" the lawn with his little lawnmower... its sooo cute!

Mary Kay said...

Preach it sister! There are so many of the kids in my class who have NO CHORES and they are the most self-centered 5th graders on the planet.

And the pictures are just the cutest!