Monday, February 16, 2009

It's 1:00 in the afternoon...

...and so far I have eaten:

- a bowl of chex cereal w/ 1% milk. And let me be clear: this was a BOWL of as much as I could do without overflowing...not a dinky little "serving".

-2 scrambled eggs with shredded cheese.

-a banana.

-a handful of dried mangoes.

-a handful of almonds.

-a mug of hot chocolate.

(oh, and this is all before 10 a.m.)

Then at lunch I was stARVing...and the thought of waiting long enough to make myself a sandwich threw me into a small scaled panic I ran through the drive through at Jack in the Box...

-a Sourdough Jack burger

-medium fry

I'll probably eat another handful of almonds in an hour, eat another snack when I walk in the door from work, and then ravenously scarf some kind of huge dinner, and maybe even indulge in a bowl of orange shebert before the day is over.

And that, ladies, is how I eat EVERY. DAY. (except for the Jack in the Box, I try to stay away from that stuff)

I'm actually surprised every time I get on the scale and see that I haven't gained more weight! Don't worry, it'll catch up to me...


Priscilla said...

You go girl!! Those babies are getting some good stuff and will be nice and chubby when they make their appearance---------which, I am praying will be at 36 weeks and will be nice and healthy!! Can't wait to start knitting for them!! (I do have a pink blanket started already!)

Joanie said...

You gotta do you gotta do. I think any multiple mommy would agree.

Serenity Now said...

Hey, those babies need to eat! Good job girl :)

Darin and Lara Laity said...

Girl! You are growing TWO babies! That uses up A LOT of calories. I think you're going to need a bigger purse to hold more snacks for yourself, yes? =)

Lisa Leonard said...

i remember desperate pregnancy hunger. not something you can ignore or push through. eat!!! xoxo