Saturday, January 31, 2009

So, how did you KNOW???

Well before we had our ultrasound and found out that there were two munchkins in there, I just knew in my gut that I was having twins. The thought of twins never crossed my mind when I was pregnant with Henry, so the fact that I had even thought of it this time irked me. And I just couldn't get the thought out of my head. I had no physical reason to think it was twins. Even though I felt like I was showing sooner, my thoughts weren't: "I'm so big, I must be having twins..." It was more like: "I think I'm having twins. I wonder if that's why I'm so big already?"

Remember this post where I jokingly announced twins? I'm gonna be honest: I totally blogged that on purpose. I wanted to have my intuition written down somewhere so that *just in case* I was actually right, I would have "proof" that I had already known all along. Does that make sense? Like, I didn't just want to say "I thought so!" It was such a strong feeling, that I wanted to document it somehow.

It was so strong that I found myself even browsing twin birth announcements online.

In fact, remember this other post where I said I wanted two ultrasounds??? If you read it carefully, it says that the purpose for the first one would be to "make sure there is only one peanut in there"...normally I would have only wanted one find out the sex...but the whole twin thing was so strong, I felt like I just had to check.

By the time my first ultrasound rolled around, I couldn't quit thinking about it. Like I said, I have no idea why but it was seriously driving me BATTY. I could. not. wait. until my appointment. I figured that once I saw one baby, I could quit being neurotic and move on. Twins didn't run in my family (or so I thought), I wasn't feeling twice the movement, we hadn't used any kind of fertility help...I just had this feeling. Literally seconds before the technician came into the room, I mentioned twins to Andy again...and when we saw those two little peanuts doing the salsa in there, I said (through tears) "I TOLD YOU!!! Andy, I knew it! I knew it!"

Isn't that the wildest thing EVER??? Maybe I'm psychic? Hmmm, I could totally make some cash, don't you think?! I wonder if Latoya Jackson's Psychic Friends Network is hiring...?

Just kidding, I obviously don't think I'm (or anyone else for that matter) is psychic. But a mother's intuition and God's whisper is an amazing thing!
.(By the way, I have no idea who those babies are, but aren't they darling??!!! Seeing pictures like that get me all excited to meet my little ones! Oh, and doing a Google Image search for "twins" is a little scary...)


joy said...

that is the cutest picture of two little babies. you are going to have 2 little babies to snuggle and rock--i'm so jealous! maybe you should move into my neighborhood so i can help you more easily?...

joy said...

not that you've asked for help or my help specifically, but twins! and i love to hold babies.

Liz said...

Maybe working next to that psychic shop while at Blockbuster rubbed off on you. You had many customers convinced you were psychic.

Joanie said...

Jeannett, that is so beautiful about God Whispers. And that picture, well! The only thing that will top that is the picture of YOUR babies WITH PRECIOUS HENRY! I'm so excited!!

Great to see you today - next time we'll get to chat. :)

Tamika said...

I'm new to your blog - having searched out twins and I saw your blog link on a twin site. Just wanted to say that I was the same - twincrazy from the start, yet the doc pooh-poohed my thoughts as nothing was 'medically discriptive' of twins. it was just my own theorizing! 1) showed early - for ME - but normal for any other 4th pg. 2) measured 1wk ahead - again, normal for a 4th pg, but not for me - i always measure small.

I just KNEW.