Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dairy is a GO!

Okay, unless something really crazy happens, it looks like HENRY CAN HAVE DAIRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So far we've eaten:
-ranch dressing
-a piece of chocolate
-macaroni & cheese
-oatmeal made with milk (rather than rice milk)

I know that most of that isn't exactly the most nutritious of menus, but I had to feed him stuff that was high in dairy so that I could see a distinct reaction. I didn't want to mess around. I have yet to give him an actual glass of milk. I have no allergy to dairy, yet, to this day, I can't have a glass of milk without it upsetting my stomach (remember, I went completely dairy free for almost a year while I nursed). So, I think I'll wait on the milk for a few more weeks to be sure that this isn't just some weird fluke.

But can you imagine??? I don't have to hide everything from the poor kid! I don't have to wait for his naptime before I can eat some string cheese? I don't have to keep the dairy on higher shelves where he can't reach? Wow!!!


Rachel Slagle said...

that is great news for you guys! i can't even imagine having to give up an entire food group.

Jacquelyn said...

Congrats Henry! No one can have a happy childhood without ice cream (j/k!).

Joanie said...

Yes, dairy is in just about everything, so this is great news! Especially since YOU need to be able to eat whatever doesn't make you feel queasy when you need it, not just at naptime. Enjoy your freedom. Kudos for your vigilant parenting, keeping your baby's tummy comfortable, and for all your sacrifice that entailed.