Monday, December 1, 2008

Morning (Noon & Night) Sickness

I totally jinxed myself. I was thinking the other day that 'gee, if it wasn't for the fact that I haven't started my period, I wouldn't believe I was even pregnant!'


Now I have extreme nausea that wakes me from a dead sleep in the wee hours of the morning (today it was 4:30 a.m.)...hits me like a Mac Truck in the late afternoon....and depending on the day, either comes to visit just as I get in bed for the night...or waits to wake me up in the middle of the night. And the rest of the day, I feel off. Not terrible, but not quite right if that makes sense.

I haven't puked yet (I was sick on Saturday, but I think that was something else non-pregnancy related) I thought this morning that maybe if I forced myself, the nausea would go away...

No dice.

Never got sick with Henry. The closest I ever got was knowing that I had to eat immediately when I woke up. So this is all brand new to me.

I told Andy yesterday that this child is grounded. I don't care how cute it is when it comes out, the first thing it'll get is a time out. :)

Work doesn't know yet...I was planning on waiting until after my first trimester...this should be interesting...

Did any of you get sick during your pregnancies?


2boymommy said...

I was never sick with #1 and deathly sick with #2.... who knows why each pregnancy is so different. I was convinced it was because I was having a girl. Obviously, that instinct was wrong. Stock up on crackers and gingerale!! =)

joy said...

uh, yes. it got worse each time. eli was just nausea all day, and my gag reflex was really strong. abe, i threw up maybe about once a week and had nausea all the time. with esther, i threw up nightly, but felt better afterwards. and i thought abe was going to be a girl--my pregnancy with him was so different than my first time and i carried him differently and gained weight differently. hang in there, jeannett. as hard as it is, the sickness is such a good sign.

Serenity Now said...

I was so lucky...only had a couple of moments of nausea, and usually it was because of something I smelled - or when I brushed my teeth (had a sensitive gag reflex though). I've always heard that baby girls produce more hormones, thus causing some pretty major morning sickness - course that could be totally false, but who knows. I truly, truly, truly hope it goes away QUICKLY. I think being sick was the thing I feared most about being pregnant!

Brianna Heldt said...

Oh I'm sorry you're so sick! That is so hard!

I was HORRIBLY sick when I was pregnant with Anna. When I wasn't throwing up, I was sitting really still trying not to. :)

Then with my second pregnancy (that ended in miscarriage) and third pregnancy (Kaitlyn) I wasn't really too sick. They're all so different!

I can't imagine trying to hide from coworkers that you're not feeling well. Hang in there!!!

Rachel Slagle said...

i was lucky with dillon and was never sick. i was a tad sick with the last pregnancy - threw up twice - but were both due to smell.

as much as being sick sucks it's so worth it :)

Kate said...

yeah, this one is really a dousy! i've been sick almost every day all day and all night. yuck. but with the past week or so I've been feeling slightly i'm hopeful i'll be better soon. hope it doesn't last so long for you!

*aron* said...

i hope you feel better soon!!! that does not sound fun :(

oh and thanks for my new addiction... i am almost done with the second twilight book :)

Jacquelyn said...

Nice to know you've "joined the sisterhood of the puking pants" or something like that. I've heard every remedy under the sun from 1/2 a unisom and a vitamin B to a diet of animal crackers and milk (recommend the former - not the latter.) I suffered through the first trimester and found relief in frequent snacks and absolutely no sugar at all, even juice. I hope you can find a way to manage the symptoms. I think every one is different as far as what works and what doesn't. Good luck!

Lara said...

I was able to keep my nausea under control with Caedra by snacking. Grahm Crackers and water or milk were the best.
With Grant I wasn't really nauseous, i just felt crappy. I felt crappy when I was hungry and crappy for a while after I ate. I probably got to feel good for about 20 min out of every three hours.
Hang in there. =(

Kristen Borland said...

most definitely. it's a bummer! hope it doesn't last very long for you!

Anonymous said...

Let's see...
ginger capsules
B vitamins
life-savers and lemonade
Jolly Ranchers and potato chips
inhaling freshly-cut oranges

Tried 'em all. Some worked for a pregnancy or two. Others didn't work at all. But always fun to see what women do to cope with it!