Thursday, October 9, 2008

THIRTY percent??!!??!!

Henry had a check up this morning. He tipped the scales at a whopping 21 pounds (insert sarcasm here) and falls into the 5%. Hey, that's promising, we are actually ON the charts this time!

And then, to my surprise, he is 31 inches tall...which is in the 30th percentile!!!

Okay, for you moms out there who have babies in the 98%, this probably sounds like no big deal, if not altogether silly. But for a mommy who is so used to having her little munchkin fall WELL BELOW the 1% mark, this is a big stinking deal! Not that I have any control over it, just in general, it was strange to see an actual number on his chart!

Otherwise, he's doing just fine, and upstairs napping after getting his shots. :(


Jacquelyn said...

My kids never performed well on those charts. I'v heard that they are coming up with a different chart for breast fed kids that offer a better comparison. Congratulations on Henry's growth spurt!! He sure looks happy and healthy :)

joy said...

yahoo, henry! way to go. you weigh more than esther and are way taller, too. she's still 5th and 10th for weight and height.

Joanie said...

Charts schmarts. But it is cool to hear he's got a number. Any little bit is encouraging.