Monday, October 6, 2008


Dear friends, I have a public confession to make.

To be followed by a public apology.

You may want to sit down for this.

I am completely, ridiculously, engrossed in the Twilight series. Yes, the books you find in the TEEN FICTION section...the TEEN fiction series set with a HIGH SCHOOL backdrop....about VAMPIRES. Yes, flipping vampires. I am 100%, absolutely, embarrassed by the whole thing. But, it's true. I know, I know, I can't believe it myself. I am shocked at myself. How?

Brianna. My no-nonsense, practical, level headed, intelligent, Christian, adult, mother of four friend. My friend who would be the LAST PERSON ON EARTH I would ever imagine reading such ridiculous chick lit. She blogged once about the book and I ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY made fun of her for it. I rattled her EVERY CHANCE I GOT. Via blog comment, over the phone, by email. Any possible opportunity, I gave her grief about reading a book about teenage vampires. Could there be anything more ridiculous than a grown woman reading this? I thought not.

Until I saw that Joy had also read it...and LIKED it. Joy, my equally level headed, micro-biologist, mother of three friend.

The sky MUST be falling...

While on the library website placing a hold on a non-vampire teenage fiction book, I thought, for giggles of course, that I would also put a hold on Twilight. I was shocked when the next screen told me that I was #128 in line on the waiting list. I completely forgot about it, until my phone rang and a pre-recorded message let me know a few weeks later that my book was at the front desk. I couldn't even remember which book it was...and then I chuckled. Oh yeah, the vampire book. I actually let it sit at the library for about a week. Finally, I went and picked it up since I was just down the street. Rolling my myself for even having the book...a teen vampire my possession. Absurd.

I started reading it. Eh. Not impressed. Until suddenly, I realized that it was 11:30 p.m. and I was 200 pages in. I had no desire to close the pages and sleep except that Andy threatened divorce if I didn't turn the light off. When I actually considered going into another room to keep reading, I knew I had a problem. This, coming from a girl who is usually drooling on herself by 9:30.

When I was done with a 500 page book in two days flat, and desparate for more, I knew I was in major trouble.

When I hurried to the computer to put a hold on the next in the series and saw that I was #58 in the cue and instead rushed to Target to *BUY* the next TEENAGE FICTION HIGH SCHOOL VAMPIRE BOOK...I knew my next post had to be a public apology to dear, sweet, level headed Brianna. Sigh...

Andy asked me what it was about. I tried explaining it. "Sounds stupid".

Yes, yes dear, it totally is. But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to make you take me to see the movie.


Mike and Rachel said...

My adult friends and I like to refer to it as vampire-light. It is just such a great love story. I do have one friend who tolerated the book, but had no desire to keep going with the series. Needless to say, there will be several mommy friends at the box office on November 21st with me. And I should add that I resisted for four months after first being begged to read it. Enjoy the journey!

Brianna Heldt said...

HAHAHA! OH I am laughing out loud! Jeannett you crack me up!

And you are forgiven! Hehehehe.

Kevin thinks the series is stupid too. :)

(On a side note, I don't think I'd want my teen daughter reading those. I would probably say that about most teen fiction stories tho! Also, I DO have some critiques of the series. But I don't think you mention those in public without fear of being shot. :) )

joy said...

i'm laughing, too. it's really difficult to describe why these books are so alluring. i remember describing them to a friend, thinking, "i sound like such a putz! you'd think i was 12 years old." anyway, yah. have you seen my countdown calendar? you understand now why i have it on my blog. and yes, you should make andy take you to the movie opening night. i'm considering wearing a special t-shirt, too. btw, have you checked out stephanie meyers website?

joy said...

oh and i agree with brianna,--it's not like the best thing ever written, but it sure is fun!

Jacquelyn said...

All the cool kids are doing it ... perhaps I'll see about procuring a copy ...

Liz Anderson said...

What! The "five things I pretend not to know about you or I can't be your friend" are already filled up.

I don't think I will ever look at you the same.

Penny Malley said...

I snuck out of a session at family camp this summer to read one of the books, thinking I was hiding the cover pretty well since it was a Christian camp, after all, when a 12 year old walked by and shyly said, "Oh, I loved that book."
Welcome to the sisterhood.

Jenny said...

Hey... I know you might not know me... I'm Kate's sister. But I read your blog and I think your freaking hilarious! Your's makes me laugh all the time. I love it. Now you convinced me I have to read these books too... I've had the same feelings that you had towards them... hmmm, Target you say?

Carrie Haughey said...

well, if Jeannett likes it... I may have to go get those to read on the beach in NC... can we say cheap paperback copy?

Peggy said...

Well, I too my dear have fallen into the clutches of Edward!! Some of Tess' friends told me what a good book it was and a copy was accidently left at my house so I picked it up and never put it down!! I went to the library to get the next one and had to put a hold on that as well as the next one. Alas, I was too impatient so I went to and bought both in the used book section!! Am finishing up another book and then will dive back into Edward and the rest!! Maybe I should come down and we can go see the movie together--leave Henry with Scn and Sct cause they are not interested--the crazies!!

Love you,

charlotte said...

Hi Jeannett,

Hmmm if you like those vampire books... you might like these all-time favorite fantasy fiction of mine:

The Darkangel series by Meredith Ann Pierce.
It's a trilogy, with a girl hero falling in love with an almost-vampire. 1st book: The Darkangel; 2nd book: The Gathering of the Gargoyles; 3rd book: The Pearl of the Soul of the World. I've read these 3 times, borrowed from library...It's in the teen fiction section, too, I believe :P