Monday, September 22, 2008

Shocking, I know...

...but we went camping and boating again last weekend. It was Andy's birthday on Friday, and he decided that for his birthday weekend (because it's never just a one day event) that he wanted to go camping. We went to Nacimiento...for the last overnight camping trip ever. The folks who camp at Naci are awful. Lots of drunken rowdiness, that was not only annoying, but woke up Henry at 2 am. The kid thought it was morning and was ready to play! Blech. We'll be sure to stick to San Antonio whenever we plan on sleeping overnight.

The weather was fabulous though. A nice 80-90 degrees during the day with cool evenings. Henry went on his FIRST TUBE RIDE. No pictures though. I'm bummed, but didn't have my camera at that point. I nervously handed my sweet child to Andy and promised him a painful death if he dumped off the tube with my baby. Then, off to the front of the boat to pull my precious cargo. Faster and faster...until I got to 17 mph. I didn't have the cajones to go any faster with my 15 month old on an inflated tube . No crying. No whining. No smiling. Bored. Absolutely bored. The kid couldn't have cared less. Andy kept trying to get me to go faster, but it wasn't going to happen. Andy's pretty convinced Henry will be wakeboarding by 4 years old. I tend to agree at this rate.

Mmm...peanut butter! (Possible story about that later!)

Henry is OBSESSED with his daddy. He watches intently at everything he does and tries to copy him and help at every step. Whether it was hammering in the tent stakes, hooking up the trailer, or driving the boat, Andy has superstar status.

Hunting for pebbles to fake the dogs out with. He would throw them into the lake and the dumb retrievers would...well, try to retrieve.

Sweeping. All day.

Boating away.


joy said...

sounds like fun. you are so brave for putting him on the tube. i'm a total scaredy cat (sp?) when it comes to children and boating in general. i'm always freaked out at the prospect of a boat wreck and having to retrieve several unconscious children. so, i totally think you have cajones! wait a minute, that doesn't sound exactly right, but you know what i mean :)

*aron* said...

he is sooo adorable. i cannot believe how grown up he is!! i MUST come see him next time i'm home!