Friday, August 8, 2008

I *heart* Craig

I don't know who Craig is. But I am in LOVE with his list.

Craigslist, anyone?

A little story:

Once upon a time there was a girl...let's call her Jeannett. Who was just telling her husband the other day that while she liked her patio table and chair set, she really was pining for one of those new fangled patio "couch" sets. Her husband, let's call him Andy, told her she could keep dreaming, because not only could they not afford new patio furniture, but the set she had was only 2 years old and she was just going to have to deal. Jeannett sighed and thought that maybe in a few years, she could try again. So, she went on her merry way, not twice thinking about the new set. Okay, except of course when the Restoration Hardware catalog came. (Okay, really...I want to win the lottery for the sole purpose of buying every item in that catalog! It's really bad coveting. Really.)

So, one day a few weeks ago, Jeannett went to Target to buy thank you cards. $3.99 pack of cards. She wasn't going to buy a single other item. Not even bar soap. Restraint.

Until she saw a bit of a commotion up in the garden aisle. There seemed to be an excitement in the air and a little panic too. Intrigued, she walked see that the nice lady in the red polo and tan slacks had JUST marked down all of the patio furniture 75% OFF!!! She told her younger sister to keep a vigil near one of the couch sets (who had to shoo 8 different people away from their treasures) and rushed to call her husband for permission. Jeannett knew that she really shouldn't spend the money...but she was convinced that this was way too good of a deal to pass up...and as a consolation for the splurge, she blurted out to Andy that she could sell their old set to help off set the cost. Permission granted.

Long story short, I ended up with a loveseat, 2 "club" chairs, a bar and 2 stool/chairs...for less than $300...the original price would have been over $1,200.

I put my "old" stuff up on Craigslist and sold them for...$300!!! So, I got brand new patio furniture for FREE!!!!!

Like I said, I *heart* this Craig guy. He is fabulous.

As a side note, we have spent more time lounging out on the new furniture in the couple of weeks we've had it, than we did on the old set in 2 years. Now for that coffee table/fire pit...hmmm, do we have anything else to sell...???

(Incidentally, I also paid for a major part of my new dining room table and chairs set the same way...all said I spent $400 on the new set and sold my old set for $350!).

Getting new stuff is fun...but getting it for free is fanFREAKINGtastic!


Jacquelyn said...

CL rocks!! where else could you sell old stuff to eager strangers? I've off loaded tons of trash too. For some reason when you tell people that it is free they come running. Glad you got such a nice Patio set!

joy said...

jeannett--that rocks! love the new patio furniture!

K said...

oh NICE!!! The new set is waaaaaay better than the old one - looks more comfortable too. Good score. And yes, I'm a fan of Craig myself :)