Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fearless, Handmade Gifts, and Yesh

My little sister Marcia is staying with us for a few weeks, and Henry is enjoying all the non-stop attention a 15 year old is more than willing to give! We walked down to the park and these are pictures of his *first* time down a slide.
He went down by himself, and laughed the whole way. I thought for sure he would cry or be scared, at least the first few times. But not my little dare devil. 100% boy.

Have I mentioned before that I have the most talented friends??? Oh yeah, like a million times. But I am always amazed at them! My sweet friend Marci sent these cute little onesies with designs she embroidered on them. I've known Marci since the 7th grade, and even though she's now moved to Texas, we still keep in touch, even if it's via phone calls every 3 months.
A little monkey face. SOOO CUTE!
A rocket ship.
The cutest owl you've ever seen! I think that once he's outgrown the shirts, I might fold them up neatly and frame them. I can't imagine putting them up in storage! (She has an etsy shop, so if you're interested...) Thanks Marc!!!!
Tracy is a quilter extroadinaire, and she made Henry this super soft quilt. I am forever impressed that she was able to use a minky fabric for the border AND stitch on a satin edging! AND it looks perfect! Thank You Tracy!!!!

Lastly, my boy is talking up a storm. Which makes for some interesting moments:
"Henry, no. Don't touch."
"Henry, NO."
"Yesh." (as he reaches to touch)
While grabbing my pants and pulling me towards the back door...
"Si." (Now pounding on the back door)
"You want to go outside?"

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Jacquelyn said...

so cute that he says "yesh" and way better than the N-word that most babies learn first!