Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hanging Out

Holy Moly! It was sweltering hot today! 98 degrees! Ick! Henry wasn't really happy about the weather, so he spent most the day refusing to eat any solids and wearing nothing but a diaper.

I looked over at the staircase this afternoon to see Henry and Abbie peacefully looking out the window together. (Bad mom...forgot to close the baby gate...again). It was too cute. It looked like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting or something.

Why go around the dogs, when you can climb OVER them?
(And just because I thought it would be a cute blog topic...)

Top 10 Things I Hear Myself Say Way Too Often:
  1. Henry, stop feeding the dogs!
  2. Abbie, quit eating Henry's food!
  3. Henry, stop eating the dog's food!
  4. What are you doing in the trash can???
  5. Andy, are you on your way home yet?
  6. Dinner? What are you picking up? Super size it.
  7. Hmmm, I wonder how many days this load of laundry has been in the washer?
  8. "Um, can you call my cell so that I can find it?"
  9. Wow, when was the last time I shaved my legs?
  10. I love you, little goose.


sarah said...

Your two Goldens are beautiful!! In my humble opinion, they are truly the best dogs ever. :)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Thanks. We love them too. When I was pregnant I thought we were going to have to work with them on certain things when the baby came...but they just instinctively knew to be gentle and patient...even though they were a little crazy before that!

Lara said...

I love the "10 things" you say all the time. I can relate to quite a few of them. I hate having to wash a load of laundry again because it's sat in the washing machine wet for a couple days. =)

Diana Fabricio said...

i hope its not that hot on friday and saturday.... u a need an air conditioner

Diana Fabricio said...

good thing dannys trailer has air.. hehe so can we stay with henry on friday if we get there early enough? we're leaving here at 5 AM...Judy use to take care of her nephews so we got some experience lol