Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Five Things

What I was doing 10 years ago today:

--I was 17, in my senior year of HS, and probably ditching some (or all) of my classes for the day
--Working as an assistant manager at Blockbuster Video
--Dating Steve...a tatooed and multiple pierced boy with purple hair and a penchant for whiskey...oy vey...
--Probably getting ready for or just got back from some concert
--Getting rides to school from a nice boy named Andy, who when my dad asked why I never dated "nice boys like that kid that picks you up", I scrunched my nose, rolled my eyes and walked away

Five things on my to-do list today:

--Send GIANT thank you notes to Jen and Tracy for taking care of my little man today!
--Straighten up the kitchen
--Put together all of my notes on what Henry's been eating all week for our appointment with Dr. Bravo tomorrow
--Maybe do some more work for his birthday party...but probably not
--BE SHOCKED that as I was typing just now, I watched my little boy WALK all the way across the living room!!!!
--Thank God for saving me from myself (which makes sense if you read what I was doing 10 years ago!)

Snacks I enjoy:

--White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Cookies
--A big glass of Orange Juice with ice in it (is that a snack?)
--Salt and Vinegar chips
--Those chocolate raspberry sticks from Trader Joe's

Things I'd do if I was a millionaire:

--Give lots and lots of it to families with children with serious medical expenses
--Adopt and start some kind of scholarship fund for adoptive families
--Honestly...get massages...regularly
--Travel some.
--I'd love to own a few acres of land out in the country somewhere

Places I've lived (in order):

--Artesia, CA
--La Mirada, CA
--San Luis Obispo, CA
--Santa Maria, CA
--That's it...I don't get out much...

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Kristen Borland said...

hee, hee. I love the part about Andy and you in high school...

yay on the big man walking!!

Diana Fabricio said...

what the you wouldnt give some of that money to your loving sister i know i would at least a few thousand gosh! lol... cant wait till his b-day....

Peggy said...

Now, aren't you glad you FINALLY listened to your father??

We Buchanans are sure glad you did!

joy said...

henry's walking?! that's so great. so, andy was the nice boy in high school that gave you rides to school. that's so funny. i love how things work out. and, yes, i'd have to agree about the massages. they're definitely a good thing.

lindsey cheney said...

yay for henry! what a big boy!

cute story about andy in hs - so sweet!

Sugar Plum said...

Wow, I'd like to meet this Steve guy...sounds like someone special!! I think we all need massages weekly!!!