Monday, April 28, 2008

More Granola-ness...

Yup, decided to make my own cleaning supplies. Because I don't have enough to do in my life, right? As I whipped these up (super easy by the way), it got me thinking about who I am and how inconsistent I seem to be. Bear with me, it'll make sense:
-I'm republican
-I believe in the right to bear arms
-I work in the development industry
-I drive an SUV
-I live in suburbia
-I wear three inch heels and suits to work
-I don't wear birkenstocks (that one's for you MK!)
-I make my own baby food
-I try to buy organic every chance I get
-I attempted a home birth
-I'm relatively anti-medicine
-I (now) make my own cleaning products
-I have a minor in sustainable environments
-I am super anal about what foods Henry is allowed to eat (no processed anything, enriched flours, sugars, etc.)

So what gives? I'm granola...but not really. In lots of ways, I'm the typical American suburbia mom...but then I'm weird about lots of other things. I guess as I thought about it more and more, I started to realize that none of those things have to be mutually exclusive. Just because you're republican, doesn't mean you shouldn't care about the beautiful earth God has blessed us with. Just because I want a home birth doesn't mean I have to smell like patchouli and wear hemp necklaces. I'm not entirely sure why I felt compelled to say all this. I guess that sometimes people think I'm more "granola" than I really am...or vice versa.

I guess I figure that we live in a polluted world and that just about everything we touch is processed...which is just the times we live in...and I guess that's fine. But if I can cut back on the chemicals in small ways, at least I can say I tried. I'll always have a bottle of bleach and some soft scrub under the sink. Henry will someday eat fish sticks, mac & cheese, and hot dogs. But when he's not eating that, he'll be snacking on organic green beans and carrots while mommy cleans up the counters with some honeydew scented baking soda! :)

(Which by the way, works great and smells way better than Ajax!)


Jacquelyn said...

Ha! and you laughed at me when I told you I made my own laundry detergent. It is 100% phosphate free. BTW Simple Green is completely environmentally friendly and is a great all-purpose cleaner.,content=543

Jeannett Gibson said...

All liquid detergents are phosphate free, and I've done some digging around and no one seems to have a good alternative recipe...and we do way too much laundry, so I don't think I'd quite have the time! Simple Green...didn't know that...but I think it smells awful...maybe they have other scents? Thanks for the link! :)

K said...

I'd say most people are probably like you! No need to fit into a certain category or box, you know? You are yourself!

Joy said...

i haven't had a chance to say that your house looks great! love what you've done. you are a mover and a shaker-- i admire you. i think it's cool that you are making your own stuff. part of being a grown up and having a family of your own means making these choices for you and your family and they may be different than how you grew up. and sometimes it takes courage to walk the path less travelled. sorry i'm rambling, but i've been thinking about such things lately. looks like a cool book--can i borrow it sometime?

Mary Kay said...

Just so you know - Jesus would have worn Birks for sure! Thanks! Give Henry a kiss for me - loved all the posts lately.

*aron* said...

i think you are a perfect combination of granola and non-granola... just right :)

Carrie Haughey said...

I may have to talk to you about these natural cleaners... I am trying to be a bit more eco-friendly in my cleaning...

Brianna Heldt said...

okay that's it. i THINK, and i'm not totally sure, but i THINK, we may not be able to be friends anymore. HA!

al gore would definitely be proud. you go girl!!! :)