Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hot Spring Days

This weekend it was a whopping 85 degrees in Santa Maria! That's really hot for our town where we typically enjoy weather in the mid-70's year round with a cool ocean breeze. You know you are spoiled by it when you feel like you are going to melt the minute it gets to 79!

We spent the weekend outside painting the house, planting some new landscaping and continuing to organize the garage. Yes, we are painting the exterior...I'll post pictures when it's all done...I'd hate the ruin the big 'reveal'! :)

We let Henry crawl around while we worked, which he thoroughly enjoyed. The dirtier, the better! Here's some pictures of how he decided to cool off! (If you click the photos you can see how absolutely soaked he was!)

Andy had no sooner put out a bowl of water for the dogs, than Henry beelined for it and splashed around while screeching. He kept trying to crawl in, but couldn't.
If you look closely, you'll see a small black smudge mark on his hat. At one point, he had crawled underneath the truck! We had to coax him out...but it was shady, so I guess you can't blame the kid!May I help you?Hi mom!

We had our 9-month baby check up last Thursday. Henry weighs 16.4 lbs. and is 27 inches tall. He's in the 15% for height and "...see that line there? That's the 5% line...Henry is down here...so maybe 1%?" The Dr. recommended giving him some fattier foods...like yogurt...no, no dairy...oh, ok, how about some soy cheese...no, no soy either...oh, well no wonder he's so little! Between the fact that he is really active, can't eat dairy or soy, there's not a whole lot of calories in veggies and fruit! I'm going to increase the amount of meats he gets, but the Dr. isn't worried. He looks and acts healthy, he's just a little small!


*aron* said...

he is sooooooo cute!!! 9 months already?? looks like a perfect weekend... it was HOT up here! mid 90s saturday... i like 79 much better :)

Joy said...

what cute pics. maybe henry and esther will be perfectly suited for each other--she's 15th and 10th for height and weight. they could get married and have very little babies! glad he's healthy.

Peggy said...

1%--really doesn't matter when you are such a cutie patutie!!

Miss you all,

Jill Duarte said...

he is a cutie. so glad to hear that he is doing well. scrambled eggs and fish are great ways to get some protein and fat.

Lisa Leonard said...

could he be any cuter!? No harm in being a little small.

Liz Anderson said...

Love the orange hat. Try avacado or eggs. When he smiles I totally see Andy and a little Duncan too.
The twins were 3 lbs each when they were born at 26 weeks (or right around there) and were always low on the charts. Now, they are perfectly healthy. His size doesn't mean anything as long as he is developing.

Mike and Rachel said...

My firend Jenna is going through the same thing with her 1 year old daughter who is now off the charts for weight. She seriously feeds her egg yolk, full fat yogurt (which you cannot do) and tons of whole grains. She is just bitty! Hopefully your doctor is understanding of the allergy. That make a huge impact!

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cee.fabee. said...

He's so cute. Don't fret about his size, at least he's all healthy and happy!

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