Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mr. Serious

"Jeannett, how did we end up with a kid who is so stinking serious all the time? He's so unimpressed with kind of hurts my feelings." --Andy

Henry's personality is a crack up. He is so so so serious. Sure he laughs and smiles. But by and large, he is really focused. He furrows his little brows and seemingly tries to figure things out. He likes textures...he is currently OBSESSED with the couch. He has discovered screaming at the top of his lungs. He thinks it's grand. He pets and grabs the couch and screams (a good scream...not crying). I just don't get it.

You can be making a fool of yourself trying to get him to smile...and he just looks at you. Like "wow, you're lame". Kind of like a teenager...only smaller. You should have seen us at Sears. The girls couldn't believe how hard it was to get him to smile...he just sat there watching us intently while we all jumped up and down, made silly faces and googled. Yes, he's smiling in the pictures, but don't let him fool you...that took work!

He is very curious. Always wanting to touch things. All the while with a furrowed little brow. I fear he's going to be the kid who takes apart my appliances just to see what's inside.

He isn't a snuggler. He wants nothing to do with cuddling up. If he's awake, he wants to explore. Play. Bounce around. Grab at anything he can. When he's asleep, he's asleep. There's not a whole lot of in between.

Crawling is imminent. He gets where he wants by rolling and turning, no longer are the days that I can leave the room and he will be right where I left him. A couple of days ago, I panicked...he was clear on the other side of the room but I didn't see him right away. Yesterday he figured out how to push with his legs...but he succeeds only in having his rear in the air and his face dragging on the carpet...gotta watch for rug burn. Once he figures out how to use his arms, my life will be over.

By the way, he weaned himself from his Paci. Hasn't used one in a couple of he sucks on his two fingers, but mostly only when he's tired.


Jacquelyn said...

É demasiado cute justo! Ame a cara séria!

Kristen said...

My babe sucks those two fingers as well. Someone pointed out to me recently it is like she is saying I love you (in sign language) whenever she sucks on them. So cute!

Brianna Heldt said...

okay i am totally cracking up at andy's quote, and kaitlyn has some seriousness to her as well. the furrowed brow, just sitting there watching when someone tries to make her laugh...what WILL this mean when they are teenagers?!

lindsey cheney said...

that boy melts my heart! even serious, he's still so cute! and such a big boy now!