Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bad Mommy!

I couldn't help it.

It was calling my name. know I'm here...don't deny know you want me...

No. It wasn't Andy.

It was a Weight Watchers Fudgsicle.

Surely a diet fudge bar had only a little bit of dairy. And he's getting older now...maybe he's outgrown it. Besides, it's not REAL dairy. It's probably some chemical concoction that just TASTES like dairy, but isn't. Like American Cheese Slices. They're not real cheese. In fact, the package says "A Processed Cheese Food".

I ate said fudge bar on Sunday night. Today (Wednesday), Christine said: "Did you eat something different? He was really fussy today. He vomited and had diarrhea. His tummy was hurting...I could hear it gurgling and churning and he cried in pain a lot today."

Apparently, the dairy made it through my system and into the breastmilk that I had pumped on Monday...and was frozen for use on Wednesday. So, he wasn't fussy at all on Monday (since he got milk pumped on Friday) , nor was he sick on Tuesday (apparently the dairy was gone by then). So, Wednesday it was.

There is nothing worse than knowing that it is literally YOUR FAULT that your baby is sick. Not just because you let them play with another kid that had a snotty nose. Not because you didn't bundle them up enough. Those things aren't really your fault. But succumbing to the temptation and eating (an only marginally good) fudge bar...TOTALLY my fault. And the irony of it? I myself had a tummy ache all night Sunday...apparently, MY system no longer knows what to do with dairy!

He hasn't broken out in a rash so far. Maybe tomorrow? Poor kid.

People ask me all the time if it's hard to not eat dairy...when your little boy is in pain all day if you's pretty easy. (Except for occassional lapses in judgement).

Lesson learned. Sadly at Henry's expense.


Joy said...

oh, jeannett. i'm so sorry. all i can say is that he will be done nursing before you know it. hang in there! you're doing such a great job and are a wonderful mommy to henry. i admire your strength.

Lisa Leonard said...

I bought regular yogurt instead of lactose free (on accident) the other day and gave David two cartons before I realized. I paid for it by staying up half the night with him screaming and having severe stomach cramps. Poor Guy!! I felt so bad.

cee.fabee. said...

Have you tried chocolate soy bars? They're good. I'm lactose-intolerant, so I've grown to love soy products. Can't do the cheese though. Real cheese is just so much better.

Also, throw the fudge bars out and if you need something sweet, try fruit bars. :-)

Jeannett Gibson said...

He's "allergic" to soy as well...which cuts out a lot of alternative foods. I have rice milk in the fridge, but I have yet to try it.

Anonymous said...

My bad mommy moment? wanting a fake fire in our fake fireplace and not blocking it from Abby. It sure gets hot for being fake. Result? 2nd degree burns on her hand. from now on, that fireplace is an expensive planter.