Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stinky Cheese Man

I was told that cheese is the low man on the totem pole of dairy. Lots of kids who can't tolerate milk products can actually handle cheese. This weekend I ate spinach artichoke dip (which has a lot of cheese). Henry responded by spitting up profusely for three days. Guess that was a failed experiment.

Along with the spitting up, I noticed that his nasal and chest congestion got MUCH worse. He's had a stuffy nose and rattling chest for about three months now...for a long time I thought it was just remnants of a cold he just couldn't kick. Lately though, I've had a sneaking suspicion that it was actually an allergy reaction (because it was lasting so long). With the increase in the stuffiness because of the cheese, I'm thinking that it's definately an allergy thing. I'm going to try cutting out eggs, since that's the next big culprit...besides, I can't really bring myself to cut out wheat just yet.

Cutting out eggs doesn't sound so bad...until you realize that it's the main ingredient in Mayonaise and eggs are about the only breakfast food I could eat when I'm also out of dairy.

Dairy + eggs = pretty much every good food on the planet.


If Henry ever has one of those teenager "my parents hate me" phases...feel free to bonk him upside the head.


Lisa Leonard said...

what are you eating these days??

Jeannett Gibson said...

Well, lots of foods in their "whole state". Meats, veggies. I'm almost on a low/no carb diet because most potato dishes use cheese, milk, butter, sour cream...

I can't really eat anything that's pre packaged...it's tough but it's way harder to deal with a fussy, spitty, rashy baby. :(

Brianna Heldt said...

okay what in the world is the deal with these allergies?! you're going to have to start getting your nutrients intravenously at this rate, geez!

i can't believe how sensitive he is to dairy, that he was vomiting, ugh. and yeah, if i ever hear him saying his parents don't care about him, i will remind him that his mother couldn't eat any food while she was nursing and was therefore wasting away to nothing.

i'm so proud of you that you're sticking with the breastfeeding!

cee.fabee. said...

Sounds like you're turning in a Vegan. :-)

Jeannett Gibson said...

I'm 110% committed to breastfeeding...but you know what? Since he's allergic to both dairy and soy, the hypoallergenic formula is all he can take and frankly, we can't afford it!!! It would easily cost in excess of $300 a month for that formula! (Not to mention he won't drink it anyway...)

Rachel said...

You are an amazing mommy. I'm always impressed when moms continue to nurse after returning to work, but to continue to nurse with all of these restrictions!!! I was losing my mind with my kiddo being sensitive to caffeine.