Thursday, December 6, 2007


Okay, I found daycare. Again. Here are the stats:

  • Just started up, doesn't even have any kids yet (other than her own 2.5 year old daughter)
  • About 1 mile from my office/3 miles from the house
  • Cheaper (!)
  • Doesn't want to take on more than 5 kids (including hers)
  • Very nice, young mom
  • Very organized, clean house, big playroom with underwater Finding Nemo mural on the walls
Hopefully this works out well. I'm hoping that if Henry's issue really was overstimulation that he'll likely be the only kid for a bit (now that the holidays are coming up). Assuming she doesn't get any new kids until after the first of the year, he'll have 3 weeks with just her and her daughter.

Apparently, Wilderness decided that they won't be taking ANY infants another baby she was watching (15 months?) has also been kicked out. Sadly, I think Henry may have precipitated this change of rules, so I feel bad for the other family. Oops.

Stubborn kid.

I'm tired.


Lara said...

It sounds really good. I hope this one works out for you and for Henry. When is he starting?

Chamnap said...

I hope it works out for little Henry! I think it might be that he's over-stimulated.

I know Ronin is very mild mannered, but when there are lots of people around and everyone is talking and kids are shrieking, he will burst into tears.

Diana Fabricio said...

thats good see god had a bigger plan for you because its cheaper and closer!!!

Erica said...

Sounds like a great arrangement! I'm so happy you found something so quickly. I'll be praying that it works out and Henry is happy there :-)

Joy said...

isn't wonderful when God provides for our needs? that's great news.

Jacquelyn said...

sooooo ... how's it working out?