Saturday, November 3, 2007

You're Invited!

To our house for a flu party!

I woke up at 4:45 this morning with a sudden urge to puke. Andy followed shortly thereafter. We've both been bowing to the toilet gods all day...including Andy's dad who is in town visiting for the weekend!

Henry, on the other hand, is feeling much better thank you. Except that since I haven't been able to keep any fluids down, there's not much milk to feed him and that makes for an angry baby. Thank goodness I had some frozen in the freezer! I just have to leave the room...he won't take a bottle if I'm around.

So, if you're interested in coming down with a gnarly case of the 24 hour flu (I'm feeling 80% better now) are more than welcome to come bask in our germs!

(I so hope the Heldts are still healthy...we were just there on Wednesday night...)

At 6:30 this morning Andy looked over at me and said "Daycare sucks..."

Thank you for the observation Captain Obvious. Sigh...I now have a whole new appreciation for how puny Henry sad!


Mary Kay said...

I'm so sorry, and the scary part is Duncan is at the off-road thing by himself! Remember what happened the last time he was off road? Hopefully it is only the 24 hour kind of bug. Daycare does suck, but in some cases it is a necessary evil. We're praying for quick recoveries all around.

Joy said...

oh, jeanett, i'm so sorry. the 24 hour flu is so awful and when everybody gets it, it's just so bad. glad you're starting to feel better. so, i guess we won't be seeing youtomorrow, or will we?

Brianna Heldt said...

The Heldts remain puke-free! I hope you guys get well SOON!!!

Jeannett Gibson said...

No church today...we're all feeling much better, but should probably lay low for an extra day before work. So glad the Heldts are still okay!!!