Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Well, at least I'll lose weight...

I had a symposium conference thingy yesterday at the Marriott in Buellton (which was recently remodeled and is really nice!). Anyway, they served lunch. Below is a menu and whether or not I was able to eat it due to my dairy elimination diet.

Cesar Salad with freshly grated parmesean cheese throughout: NOPE
Assorted Steamed Veggies with Butter: NOPE
Lasagna: NOPE
Fettucini Alfredo: NOPE
Garlic Bread: NOPE
Chocolate Cheesecake: NOPE


Went home hungry.


K said...

Okay that just sucks. Perhaps you'll have to start carrying granola bars around with you to avoid starvation.
aaaand now I'm hungry looking at that list of food :)

Brianna Heldt said...

Okay this dairy thing is nuts! I guess you don't realize how much of something you eat until you can't eat it. you have amazing willpower!!!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Sadly Brianna, it's not a function of willpower...because anyone who knows me, knows that I have NONE. It's just breaks a mommy's heart to see your baby's face all broken out in a rash and hear his chest rattling (congestion from the reaction)...and knowing that it's technically your fault! No cheesecake is worth seeing little Hen like that! :(

Although, as soon as he's out Coldstone's!

Lisa Leonard said...

That totally stinks!! And it made me hungry just reading it.

Joy said...

sorry jeannett. you didn't mention anything last night and i totally forgot about the no dairy thing. i could have tried to give you something else. how much longer will you have to be dairy-free?

Rachel said...

Your a great mom. I just wouldn't do it and go straight to formula. Food is just my deal breaker. I was cool with caffeine, but food, nope. I may just love it as much as my kids. Not really, but you know what I mean.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Joy-I'll have to do it until he's weaned. I hope to nurse him until he's one, but he may decide otherwise on his own. Hopefully he'll grow out of it (most kids do) and he'll be able to eat dairy when he's older. A lot of times, it's a temporary thing while their digestive systems are still immature. No worries about last night...I'm pretty used to not eating stuff by now! :)

Rachel-I'm pretty committed to breastfeeding...but daycare is so expensive, I don't think we could afford formula too!!!