Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Third Time's a Charm?

Okay, here is the very abbreviated story of Henry and the daycare fussiness:
  • Turns out he has a dairy intolerance. Lots of research. He may have always had it but mildly. But since he gets one 5 ounce bottle of formula at daycare (since I can't pump that often) it likely triggered the intolerance over the edge. Eliminated dairy from my diet and changed him to a soy formula. All was well, he even started pooping daily! I ate an ice cream cone on Monday (wasn't thinking) and his little face erupted in a rash and his eyes were red rimmed all day Tuesday (you can see the rash in his pirate picture...I just thought it was from teething, it was much worse on Tuesday after the ice cream).
  • Daycare was closed for Veteran's Day, so he went to Lindsey Iunker's. He did great, took a bottle like a champ, never fussed, was a perfect baby. Dori said that not only was he an easy baby...that he might even be the easiest baby she's ever seen. (and she did daycare for 10 years and took care of 80+ babies!).
  • Went back to Wilderness today. Fussed a lot, had a hard time with the bottle.
SO, what does it all mean? I think it means that he's overstimulated. (This is after hours of internet research, long phone calls with Dori, and talking to other mommy co-workers). With 12-15 toddlers running around, it's just too much for him to take in (he is the only baby). Dori said that the first couple of weeks he likely got a kick out of all the commotion, but after a while, it sunk in and it just stresses him out. The daycare isn't really set up to take babies and it shows. They're amazing and have an awesome program...for toddlers. I only wish that if they knew they weren't set up for infants that they wouldn't have taken him in the first place. Now, I'm stuck looking for daycare again...unless something drastically changes in the next couple weeks.

I have no idea what we are going to do.


Jacquelyn said...

Have you considered a Nanny? A person that could watch Henry from the comfort of your/his own home would help with both your stress levels, righ?

Lindsey said...

jeanette he WAS the easiest baby i have ever watched and I adored taking care of him (I thought my Kenneth was easy until I had your boy!). Let me know if I can help you out in anyway I know I'm far away and already work several days but maybe we could work something out until you find something else? Love you!

-Lindsey Iunker

Jeannett Gibson said...

Nannies charge about $12-15/ $120-150/day. Looked into it in the beginning. In home daycares are significantly cheaper because they take care of multiple children (so $45-75/day).

Jeannett Gibson said...

Thanks Lindsey! You are so sweet...all I know is that we have to get creative in the next few weeks...I'm not sure how long this will last before either the daycare of we throw in the towel.

K said...

Hey Jeanette - oddly enough, I recently did a search for local daycare myself. I came upon this might have already looked into some of these. I just typed in Arroyo Grande - but I'm sure you can search anywhere

Kate said...

gosh, i'll be praying. god has something out there for you. we can bring EVERYTHING to Him in prayer.

Lisa Leonard said...

sounds stressful. i know you want him to be content. i'll be praying for the right situation.