Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Kaitlyn, Anna, Biniam, Henry, & Yosef

Henry's first halloween was quite eventful. We went to the Heldts, where we were fed a fine dinner of pizza, salad, and this really yummy caramel apple salad thing. Anna also presented Andy and I with pumpkin shaped sugar cookies, complete with orange and black sprinkles!

Henry the Bear & Kaitlyn the Lion getting in some late night tummy time.

Baby Bear & Papa...

Henry & Mommy.

After dinner we all trudged out into the night for some trick or treating. It was such a kick to watch the three older kids! Henry and Kaitlyn just laid back in their strollers, watching all the action.

All grown up in the stroller.

Getting a pep talk from Dad.


Lisa Leonard said...

Looks like fun!

Joy said...

what a fun night. henry's costume is too cute.