Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tracy's Shower

I threw my friend Tracy a baby shower today. She's pregnant with a baby boy and due in mid November. I totally stole Lindsey's ideas and just shy of copied a shower she threw for another friend detail for detail...only I used blue accents instead of pink! So, I get no points for creativity folks!

Stamped napkins. The invitations had this same stamp on the front saying "A little bird told me..." and the inside said "...that Tracy is having a baby boy!"

Table decorations.

Aren't these orange roses gorgeous?!

Make your own sundaes.

Sugared walnuts as favors.

Okay, so here's my big mess up of the party. I tried to re-create these darling cupcakes I saw on This is what mine looked like. Below, is what they SHOULD have looked like. Sigh...

They looked so birds were so ugly I didn't even bother with the coconut nests...

Tracy and her daughter Serafina.

Me and my boy.

Modeling his big man clothes.

Those toes!

This grin just melts me.


Joy said...

i think your cupcakes look cute! piping frosting is harder than it seems--at least what i think. i have always wanted to do those cupcakes, too. what a coincidence. henry looks so cute in his bigman clothes.
we probably won't be at church tomorrow--last week eli and cade were sick and now abe has a fever. sigh. maybe cade will come tomorrow and represent. maybe i'll actually get to see you again soon!

Jeannett Gibson said...

You're just avoiding us. I know it. :)

Brianna Heldt said...

so fun! when did serafina grow up?!

Kristen Borland said...

first of all, henry is sooo handsome! second of all, i love those cupcakes you made! i clicked on the picture to make it bigger, and i could totally tell those were sweet little birdies on your cupcakes, so way to go!!!

Kate said...

jeannett, you're amazing...being a mommy, wife, worker, and throwing a baby shower. wow! it looks beautiful...go girl!